iPhone 7 Plus vs Zenfone 3 Deluxe Camera Review + Comparison

Ultimate Review of Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus with camera comparison, speed test, performance, benchmark, battery test, and more.

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Robert Jones says:

I love the ASUS better

tenjan jose says:

How can the camera and speaker comparisons be a tie.even the pics u showed speaks volumes about the superiority of iPhone cam.Really not a good review bro!!

Rakesh Poddar says:

You, motherfucker, iPhone clearly beats asus on every aspect. More natural color reproduction screen, better camera. Asus dick sucker..!!

LiVeLiKeURdying2 says:

iPhone 7 plus, hands down

Jason Lamoste says:

Video comparison between iPhone and Zenfone I would say that shit ain’t tie u see when taking pictures with both. iPhone has better Stabilization while zenfone moves when taking videos and the front facing camera on iPhone is better than zenfone. come on we are looking at performance not the look and for me iPhone wins

Gilang Pratama says:

i think the main reason why your selfie looks blurry on the asus is because of that stupid beauty mode, its a “common” chinese phone feature if you know what i mean. overall i think i will go for asus. the reason is: 1. iphone 7 plus is incredibly expensive, 2. compared to this asus, i think iphone 7 plus camera is not so worth it for the price. 3. i am more familiar with android.

thanks for the video btw, it helps alot

Ardi Irfandi says:

I like iphone 7 plus

Rinat Nur says:

God damn so amazing asus.wow!!!

MervGames says:

song name?????????????

hitesh pujari says:

Asus zenfone 3 Deluxe have gr8 looks nice camera and display is awesome .. I is best phone

Anthony Colot says:

sorry i don’t like asus.. please do a review between samsung s7 edge vs zenphone 3. thanks..

bikramjit sohal says:

to be fair use asus zenfone 3 zoom not the delux one for camera comparison.

Mark Anthony says:

guys I need help choosing between Zenfone3 Deluxe VS Huawei P9 Plus, which one to buy? Which one has better camera? UI? screen quality? price? maybe Manila Shaker can do a comparison video. Also anyone know if/where I can get an Axon7 in the Phil?

안초 says:


Douglas Jhonatan says:

zenfone 3 zoom vs Iphone 7 plus

Wearegonnabe Audio says:

I know this is a rview on the deluxe but I got an Asus zenfone 3 max and I like it so far. The battery life kills any other phone I have owned..I have had 4 iphones..3gs, 4s, 5c, and 6plus….

SzeShuen Tan says:

I think Asus win

romeo yuli says:

iphone price is super expensive, but mediocre performance, selling only the logo …

Zero0_ Elite0 says:

Asus it better :))))

Balck hat Hacker says:

Hey definitely its iphone

Paul John Mancenido says:

iphone for the.win.sa.mga nagsabi n mas maganda.asus.mga.ulol.sino.niloko.nyo mga bulag ba kau mga tanga

Adanom ortega says:

Porque en 720p !

Tuan Malik says:

iphone 7 win

SR Rupom says:

plz make a xperia xz, iPhone 7 and galaxy s7 camera comparison. thanx

FeaR FuZiioN says:

iPhone wins always

Henry Julius Caesar says:

asus still the best

best songs Lyrics says:

iphone better

Beautiful Life says:

which is camera better?

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