iPhone 7 Plus review

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How good is the Plus and its new dual rear cameras? Our photographer took them for a test run in San Francisco.

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hey should I get iphone 7 128gb or 7 plus 32gb


So it’s a rip-off the iPhone plus can use the camera 10x only 2x totally bullshit you need to download a app to use camera zoom 10x really

Kram Mark says:

oh no when using iphone 7 plus, zooming on photos and videos it uses the secondary cam but in the iphone 7 it doesnt do that coz it doesnt have secondary camera.
i think it should have some setting wether to use only the wide angle lens or maybe use them both at the same time

Denny says:

Holding out for Iphone 20 which will be replacing DSLR and hyper sonic thread micro chip. No more bullshit 1 pixel gain from last model or .5ghz faster chip.

Alesha Horton says:

does the iphone 7 has front flash like the 6s?

Saikat Srk says:

for the past few years we are still stuck comparaing smart phone with point and shoot camera hence its of no use.

gian carlos flores davan says:

that innovation of the two chambers crap we already have with leica Huawei and Apple is better than never innovates


Yay I phone 7

hoodiethekiller says:

im a professional photographer myself, and i think my favorite aspect of an iphone is their cameras. they have made great improvements. very excited to get some good shots once i get my hands on my upgrade .

Brantley May says:

They should have named this iPhone 7 plus camera review. They didn’t mention anything else.

Luis Miguel Méndez González says:

This was a review? I saw a commercial, no more. Really sad.

Oscar T says:

iphone 7Plus Camara Review

Zack Smith says:

this is iphone ???

my s6 edge is better then this

BeaR says:

Camera quality is crap compared even to low end point and shoot cameras, what this idiot is talking about ? it will NEVER EVER replace SLR or DSLR cameras…

Vaughany Vaughan says:

How much Apple Gave you for this commercial??

Sandra Anon says:

” iPhone 7 plus is the bigger iPhone 7 ” no shit.

Aria Seraj says:


Trev Parce says:

nothing more than a marketing video

Ivananda Rizqullah says:

Whats the name of that place he’s taking photo off, the one with the graffitis

tanishaq Sehgal says:

iPhone copycat

Nero says:

well, this is certainly a good camera review, but where is the review of the phone itself?

koti vuyyuru says:

Waste of time to watch this video..

Noah S says:

wasn’t this an iPhone 7 Plus camera review?

john Aldrin's says:

samsung galaxy s7 best smartphone ever…

takerhey says:

its not i7 review, its a camera review..

47 Times says:

camera looks to plain trash

Emmanuel Diaz says:

all this people talking shit about the iphone, to later go and buy one like come on stop being a hypocrite

Timur Dzhambinov says:

“I don’t know if it’s quite up to the level of replacing dslr’s…” – lol jesus christ what a load of shit

Martijn Frenks says:

Wow 2 whole minutes reviewing the new iPhone.

adrian villafuerte says:

iPhone 7s : 3 CAMERAS and no charging port

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