iPhone 7 Plus Official Hands On Review – Camera Test!

iPhone 7 Plus Official Hands On Review – Camera Test!

Here is the review on iphone 7 plus and dual camera system!

iPhone 7 Hands On Review 2016

iPhone 7 Plus Official Hands On Review – Camera Test!


Nathan jamma jackson says:

omg you can buy Chinese phones for like a quarter of the price with pretty much better every thing so fuck apple there just a greedy company and they keep bringing out these shitty phones with minor changes then make out there phones are king when there so not and then everyone starts buying this crap like a herd of sheep #sheepople

David Nek says:

David Nek
Respected Sir
When on 16 sep Lunch Iphone 7 PLus 256 gb
Please Make the Video of Iphone 7 PLus with all complete Details with app Every one by one open and there Performance
Please Note this and included this when you Making a video of Iphone 7 PLus
1) box all parts details
2) accessories details
3 ) style from every side show
4) On the set
5) all app run one by one and explain the app that how type of we can work o this apps
6) explain the new features app if possible i Iphone 7 PLus
8) Little check that we can easy trusted with computer with out of any Itunes
9) camera pic result
10) camera video result
11 )from camera video and pic result
13) check the speed of processors
14) check and run the sound it bass is high then others
15) check the new features what things are new add in this models
16) check the Bluetooth services that they easy connecting with other devices
17) check the what app application that we can send to any one MP3 file
18) 3d touch and finger print touch
19) Please compare with Note-7 with all Activity
20) check the Microsoft office is builtin work and PDF ?
21) check that we can easy attached email through cv etc
22) battery performance
23) water prof system
24) Iphone 7 Plus VS Note-7 ?
information technology

cj park says:

Not getting this piece of shit. I already lost lost the ear buds just looking at this.

mickymeltdown says:

Utter wank!

Andmaj says:

iphones suck there so late with all these “new” features

Azrul M.Saad says:


Ali Oscarsson says:

Oh my god

Lays XV says:

no way added things the s 7 already had

Tech Addict says:

That does not look to me as optical zoom though. It seems like the phone camera shifts from the wide angle lens to a telephoto lens.

AceOfBaseFan says:

where was the camera test?

syed siddique says:

black black!

Nelson Gonzalez says:

No headphone jack? No thanks!

EX7R3M3 says:

what a peice of shit, no headphone jack…hahahah get a nexus 6p and chill.

Saiso Susap says:

What u are talking about..??

Where is the camera test…?

T Shak says:

Fucking whore lying child molester!!!

Matt R says:

No camera test… click bait .. thumbs down

Kai says:

4K on this phone is fire

Fabian A says:

Bullcheat. No camera test… here I go………….

WGACA says:

lol, I love how everybody thinks the ‘stereo speakers’ are both at the bottom, while one is actually a dummy and purely aesthetical

Nathan jamma jackson says:

mega rip

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