iPhone 7 Plus Camera Portrait Mode Review

Lisa Gade tests, demonstrates and gives you her opinion on the new Portrait mode, aka bokeh or blurred background effect for the iPhone 7 Plus. The software generated background blur uses both lens to determine the subject and depth of field to simulate the bokeh you’d see with a wide aperture dSLR camera lens. It’s a part of Apple’s beta OS program right now, and will be available to all iPhone 7 Plus owners with an October 2016 update. We compare it to a Sony a7 camera with the very similar focal length 55mm f/1.8 Sony Zeiss lens.
Check out our full video review of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcYmU9ZOLnQ

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Alfred Zianini says:

Bokeeeeh! Booookeeeeeeehh! Nice video though

Bassam Abulela says:

Thanks for the great work. Do you think that halo blur at the edges can be fixed with a software update?

Debra Dukes says:

Very good review beautiful pool too very pretty. I guess I need to start checking out Instagram every says check me out on this place that place was never into all Social media.

Nhan Le says:

Lisa, please do a comparison of the faux-keh effect between the Huawei P9 and the iPhone 7 Plus. I don’t understand why no one has thought of this yet, when the P9 came out, its bokeh effect was the most satisfying one out of any phones that implemented it.

reggiehil says:

Gimmicky.. When you had your hand up it looked weird because in between your fingers it was no blurred… Maybe this is cool for IG but if your going to print its a lil sketchy

Rowan Wagner says:

why practically none of the ‘Portait mode’ reviews actually use a Portrait???

Dori S says:

Thanks for this! Looking forward for your full review once the feature comes out. I just received my iPhone 7 Plus and the pictures seem quite amazing. Much better than my iPhone 6S Plus seems like. Not sure if it’s the camera or the new bright screen, but both my wife and I have been very impressed with the pictures we’ve taken of our 8 yo.

omar lewis says:

Lol..twice a week i get five notifications from different channels on youtube at once……….its like all of you are uploading videos at the same exact time m8…..i find it kind of creepy.

zurkram says:

Should you really be “reviewing” a developer preview product in beta 1? Also, it’s called portrait because it’s supposed to be used for portraits of people.

Gaj B says:

Not really a good DoF, it blurred out the ends of your fingers lol… the software needs more work.

Peleg BN says:

I guess apple could always stick to the claim – it’s a portrait, for people [with faces]… but I’ve also seen couple of portrait mode photos taken with an actual human subject, from a perfect distance, and against a background that is as simple as can be, yet the results were the same as in these examples [the subject’s edges were either blurred, with the background OR unblurred, again, with the background].
There are tons of cheap [or free] apps that had managed to achieve this effect, back in the iPhone 4 days… So, unless this bokeh effect is perfect, at least for one condition [say, human faces], and doesn’t require the user to use any extra post processing app/software – this is useless.

Henrik Pettersson says:

Great video.

HollywoodToronto says:

Love your vlogs Lisa always detailed and honest. Will this work in video mode? We you be reviewing the hyper demand Light camera with 16 modules for pics and videos? Does portrait work with a flash?

Darrin Thorpe says:

A WIN for Apple!

nazim shawon says:

even Google stock camera is doing this for years

dolan_trump says:

i’m glad that galaxy s8 will have this next year too

Jim Gar says:

Lisa can you do a comparison video between this and Samsung select focus?

Håkan Rohdin says:

Impressed by what it is, but seem way too glitchy to be truly usable. Even small DoF errors tend to stand out, ie vaseline on the lens.

Wireko David says:

even last 3yrs 2014 note 4 galaxy has this feature excellent. what has apple done soo…… extraordinary with their dual Lens? I don’t know why this products are sooooo ‘hyped’

art Jard says:

portrait mode = battery drainer mode

tal polano says:

You should have a sample of Sony shot on the plant

misterOsc says:

well it is not perfect but it is remarkably close to the slr… I’m impressed

wilbobagins says:

Bokeh-gate is born

FuckTheIndies says:

“I’m a pretty serious photographer” *uses auto mode*

Seth Clayburn says:

That’s the beta version, Apple may fix those issues before they send out the update

Jaakko Nyman says:

I would be so happy if somebody took an actual portrait photo pls not buddhas and chairs

am smz says:

Honor 6 Plus (Dec 2014 model) already have dual-lens + wide aperture control long time ago. zzzzzZZZZZZZ

Sunethra Piyasena says:

Like the ways you explain your reviews,keep it up 🙂

Scottie Mack says:

Same problems as the LYTRO…

jbravo70 says:

Why doesn’t portrait mode show up on my camera??? I have iOS 10.2

andreas vichr says:

You should compare to what the Huawei P9 / Honor 8 can do. First you can set the focus where ever you want before the shot. So you can blur the front and keep the distance sharp. AND, much more important, you can do this AFTER the shot – as often as you want. The software creates a DOF version each time. And yes, you have a live effect too. There are some artifacts there too. So this is the question. Who has the better faux DOF algorithm?

tehs3raph1m says:

Like the review… but bokeh is not a replacement for blurred… you don’t bokeh away lol…

Vinod Reddy says:

good hey you should giveaway a phone

Kildras says:

it just looks incredibly artificial. It does look good for a phone camera attempts I suppose

Elimelec Calderon says:


Phiniox Glade says:

Ill stick with my 55 1.8 Zeiss, at least for now

King Yu says:

Portrait mode is not designed for stone buddhas, chairs or plants.

dennisforfun says:

Lisa, do you think you can compare all the dual camera phones currently in the market in terms of depth of field? P9, Honor 6+, and iPhone 7 Plus?

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