iPhone 7: Most Detailed Camera Review On The Planet!

Hello there everyone and welcome to the iPhone 7 Camera Review. The most detailed camera review on the planet! The iPhone 7 camera comes with a 12MP iSight camera with 1.8 Aperture and shoots up to 4k video. The front camera of the iPhone 7 is a 7MP iSight camera and shoots in up 1080p. There is so much this camera offers its user and in this video we will find out everything that you need to know about it. Additionally, we will look at many samples of the camera taken throughout the city of Chicago. The intentions of this video are clear and that is to help you to decide if this is going to to be the camera phone for you. If you enjoyed this content please be sure to like it and share this video. Subscribe to the channel for more videos like this. Thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

iPhone 7 4K Video Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgTxDEqhr9Y


Specifications/hardware/software: 0-12:57
Macro Shots Daytime: 12:58-13:56
Macro Shots Indoor: 13:57-14:39
Everyday Outdoor Shots: 14:40-16:03
Multiple Zoom Shots Day and Night:16:04-17:32
Indoor Shots: 17:33-18:08
Timelapse/Slow Motion/Video Fun: 18:09-19:18
Multiple Video Examples (1080P)- 19:19-24:38
Selfie Front Camera in Day and Night: 24:39-25:07
Night Time Shots: 25:08-25:36
Panorama Shots and Samples: 25:37-26:01
Closing: 26:01-End

Thank you for watching, much appreciation and gratitude 🙂 Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comment section be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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Raimonds Rumbenieks says:

about the burst shot in 9:25. um yeah…honor 8 has like twice the speed of those….actually make video about honor 8..super great camera by the way

Gangvevo says:

you deserve more subs

Adam Mckeithan says:

Juan still best phone camera reviewer..but good try

Gangvevo says:

do a speed test iPhone 7 vs note 7 please

Irving Waldorf says:

Nice video but one question. Does the camera screen flash an orangish color when taking a selfie indoors? I think this might be some sort of “flash” for close-up work but worry it might also be a glitch in the system.

OTechTime says:

Very informative bro. Threw camera is really good. Keep up the get work

Pui Pegasi says:

Best review ever nick , btw is hdr useful ?

ren nitsuga says:

thank you for this review. very helpful!

Mallesh Kumar says:

thanq so much for full review abt camera and what abt telephoto camera in i phone 7 plus…

Pui Pegasi says:

why 1080p much better than 4k on ip 7 ?!!

ALL IN ONE says:

I got the the 128 gb 7 plus huge disappointment on the camera , no big difference between 6s plus

ZixGeeSu says:

dislike, because iPhone isnt MOST detailed on the planet

omrkld says:

so cute

Chuck Norris says:

Please don’t use any smileys or much less when doing those “subtitles”. They are irritating

Raj Ghuman says:

Don’t know why ppl are complaining… Great video was looking for something like this. Thank you.

shabab Hossain says:

do an review iOS 10.0.2 on iPhone 5s

Daniel's Planet says:

Do you think I should upgrade to the iPhone 7 or 6S from my iPhone 5S or not?
Also do you think that I could use my iPhone 7 as my main camera on YouTube and replace it for my DSLR? Thanks!

ChrisKadaver says:

Does the digital imagestabilization work with 4k videorecording on the iPhone 7?

Stitch Lee says:

I think it’s better for you to narrate than to put caption in each photo, I’m not sure to look at the picture or read the caption

OnlyOneGam1r says:

Uhm interesting
Nice vid

william Scharnhorst says:

does hdr make the quality better?

Arunachalam Vaidyanathan says:

Thanks Nick…Helpful video…expect more

Nicole Bravo says:

I appreciate you reviewing the iPhone 7 camera. I’ve seen most people exclusively reviewing the iPhone 7 Plus camera, which is understandable, but knowing about the iPhone 7 camera is helpful.

Eng.M.keshK says:

i like the video < but i think the video quality of the iPhone 7 is horrible , not just like 2011 mobile phone !

Chen G says:

Ok your review is certainly long enough, but you video is terrible because it isn’t informative at all, I don’t need you to read me the specs because they are up on the internet for anyone to read. All you provided here are sample shots which are next to useless because there is no comparison what so ever, all flagship camera phones look good by themselves the differences are minimal, that’s why you need comparisons or you don’t learn anything new.

Supplements4TheWin says:

I never understood, why keep the 1080p30 an option if there is 1080p60? is it only as a space saver? cause im so used to 60fps video that when i look at 30fps, its wayyy too jumpy and not enjoyable at all

Mircea Turcanu says:

the most longest video on youtube !

Tahir Arif says:

Thanks nick

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