Instax mini 8 camera review/demo! (2014)

I hope you guys enjoyed this review of the Instax mini 8! I love this camera and I think it’s an awesome way of keeping memories 🙂

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Maniyahmay says:

Mine isn’t working I just opened it’ll doesn’t give me a red light

Ali Valencia Valencia says:

ur not supposed to open it if there’s already a pack of film because it ruins ur film and then the camera resets to 10

Emily Ramphal hk says:

Y do you have a white one?

Phantastic Youngblood says:

Do you have to buy ink?

Vanessa Zudic says:

If you have boifrend take pictures of them

Empress Ali says:

I saw this but not this version of the camera on Instagram on Tamera Mowry’s page and I honestly fell in love with how you can get the picture easily. This will be cute for how I will decorate my room when I move into a house a year for now. I love how the pictures come out and they will come in handy for memories to place. This is something that I’ll most definitely need.

PinkPeachTR says:

NEED SOME HELP HERE!!!! I will buy one but I couldn’t choose a color… Black or White or Yellow??? PLEASE help…

pandzz char P says:

If you have wish you can get the 50 films for 10 dollars

Harley Quinn Fan 101 says:

are they coloured pictures or black and white pictures? I asked one for Christmas and I’m just asking.I’m also asking if they run out of paper 4 the pictures?plz reply.

lee kitty says:

I have the same cam you have

rainbowsaregay says:

omg lmao fetus mel this ”glo up” gives me hope

Teresa Di Francesca says:

omg you were so prettyy

Leslie Carrillo says:

I’m getting a white one for Christmas

Reydann Anisco says:

Whos 11-29 years oldhere

Forever In Neverland says:

You’re 1,000x prettier now…the wonders of having good eyebrows.

miny love says:

you air dom

Lexie Mendoza says:

I’m getting one today and I’m so excited

FanGirl says:

I’m getting one on Sunday but I don’t know what color to get. What color should I get??

Danielle Church says:

You look so different different !

Makayla Poleon says:

I am getting one for Christmas


Can u take a video on it

Sieng Kouyneang says:

How much for it?

Krystal Harman says:

Ou look so different to what you look like now oml your so pretty both waysssssss

Anijha Hoyt says:


Cass Farmer says:

her voice wasn’t as high pitched and hyper back then and i love it no offense ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Naomi Jansen says:

nice vid!!!

imani martin says:

Love ya mel

Sweet Candy says:

I got the pastel blue

Natalia ivanovic says:

I’m getting the baby blue one for Christmas and my sister has the white one

Εύη Μιχαήλ says:

I love your video

Angie Larrea says:

I have won but it is blue

Rina Khamsaly says:

how would i clean my camera?

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