Insta360 EVO: Hands-On Review (3D VR + 360º Camera)

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This is the new Insta360 EVO, a 2-in-1 camera, that can shoot 180º 3D VR content + 5.7K 360º spherical photos and videos.

Thanks to Insta360 for sending me the review unit.

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Communications & Design Group says:

How bout an objective pros and cons…u r a waste of time…

The 360 Guy says:

I think we had the same idea for a thumbnail.

ilal Gopro says:

Thank you

ANDJ Visuals says:

Well, I think the 3D possibly could be back if instagram or this type of platforms implement it somehow…

DJ Sepsis says:

Insta360 w some nice innovation…thx for the review

BDre says:

Looks like an interesting piece of technology! The holoframe case thingi look cool too. These products are going to be the cameras of the future they are just kinda hard right now when the average family does not have a VR headset.

Kevin Backalive says:

Good to see Insta keep innovating

Rain5155 says:

That phone case is awesome!

Hunter B says:

This comment may be pinned

Rakish Rc says:

Would like to see some sample 3d VR clips If you could share.

TheBeybladeSport says:

Cool. Jesus bless

Barn Star says:

3D TVs are pretty dead in the UK too.

Scott Thomas says:

Great look at this device, very interesting. I agree I love being able to shoot everything and reframe the shot later but I’m not sure about a need for 3D video. I would rather have a 360 camera that is a higher resolution with more framerate options for slow-mo video. I’m sure Insta360, GoPro and others are working on them and that’s where I want to see the technology go. Love your channel Ben, keep up the good work!

flaj says:

Well… mmmmm… meh.

Big Mems says:

Could I win it lel

Satria Hutama Priyadi says:

The stiching is horrible.. explanation please?

Chris says:

Even Siri speaks more like a human than this guy.

Every. Word. Is. A. Sentence. To. Him.

Sagar Sanjay Shenoy says:

I see the world in “3D” even when I close one of my eyes. Is something wrong with me???



Cory Yalowicki says:

Is the Galaxy S10 review coming soon??

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

What’s up guys! Let me know what you think of this new Folding 3D/2D VR Camera from Insta360.

Check out pricing ➜

Rain5155 says:

So this is why you were asking us if we vr on your instagram haha

Endre Viko says:

Test a rc car

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