Insta360 4K 360° Camera Review

Seems like everybody and their dog is making 360 degree cameras these days, but the Insta360 adds some premium features like a live preview and head tracking to an increasingly crowded market.

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Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Anthony Chow
Editor: Barret Murdock


Martin Smolko says:

Yay, 4K 360 trip to McDonald!

Yousef Mansy says:


Asrar Hassan says:

15 fps is a bummer. Rest of it looks amazing.

Mohamed Fitri says:

now i dont have to point my camera! nice

Sky DoesMinecraft says:

I am really lazy i need a 360 degree camera

Jarb2104 says:

Technology is amazing, and just yesterday I… I slept all day.

jonowee says:

Is this 4K per 180°, or the full 360°?

Tom Krumm says:

Nice job.

Dongers420 says:


lonegamer1717 says:

Pictures be stupid

RicardoOballe56 says:


Kappakappa duk says:

I looked at the video, I get the fact the camera is early in it’s life cycle. But 800 dollars for a camera with video that blurry? The people who made this thing are smoking crack if they think that’s a good price point.

Iliana Montoya says:

How to you live stream wireless? do you have a tutorial? thank you

Cesar Arciniega says:

mechanical keyboard pliz?

gaspar dome dome says:

hi asa

armonster456 says:

wow another neat comment. this time to win a keyboard.

Jade Cereno says:

I want to win that Keyboard and Julia!

Jimmy Tod says:


Miguel Sanchez says:

*those are not hooverboards* … dont you dare put ur slimy words on BACK TO THE FUTURE

Fidel Guevara says:

wait, what?! the gear 360 does 4k. this definitely isn’t the first.

Laxsod says:

But can it 360 no sc0pe?

Kelvin Klein says:

360 degree 4k best way to watch your back and your side and your front and that guy that is behind you picking his nose

LXSucksAtLife says:


NightSyndicate says:

4k? yeah right. looks awful.

Nahuel Juárez says:

came here for the keyboard, stayed for the cam! 😀

StrobistDude Bokeh says:

4k or UHD is total bullshit. When you stretch 4k pixels to sphere you get something like 360pix quality (with heavy noise reduction > compressed pixel lumps). Speaking of kilos tells customers a reference of quality. In this point of view manufacturers are bullshitting their customers – new UHD 360 video camera > put your VR on and you’re dissapointed. Instead of whole sphere, pixels should be measured in 360s by the view a straight ahead.

GM 1193 says:

I typically dont like 360 video. usually looks bad even in HD

Behlül Kandil says:

Daily comment for the prize!

Zyphicx says:


MrLedshot says:

this would be very good for the valve labs postcard tour thing

Thunder Star says:

I like it

Arvin Denorte says:


Michael Mods says:

360 degrees of see-through beard…

TheWingrider92 says:


sdushdiu says:

360 is nice, 4k is a bit superfluous as it only offers appreciable increases in color depth.
But at $800, there are a few other current innovations that take precedence. Come back when they get it under ~$300.

supercooled says:

This guy’s beard is DIRTY.

Phillip Barker says:

4K slide show

flashback studio says:

You said that you can charge by powerbank with two 2.1 A usb port. but all powerbanks with dual USB ports are one 2.1 A and second 1A. Can you check? I can find powerbank like that. thanks on advance.

gameflux says:

Cool !

Ahmed Talaat says:

can it shoot 360 photos? or videos only??
if yes, does it stitch automatically and export the stitched photo?

Leonhard Bengs says:


Jahsim Albaghdadi says:

The fact that it automatically goes to YouTube will be a huge selling point

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