In-Depth Honor 8X Camera Test

The Honor 8X camera gets put to the test in multiple situations. See the sample photos shown in this video in the written article here.

Thanks to Honor for sponsoring this video.

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darksideofrojak CCH says:

this review suck…waste of time

Siya says:

It does not have Eis.. So the videos are terribly shaky unfortunately. Will they bring in Eis maybe later by updates?

patrick pilla says:

people dont appreciated the humor in this video

FB 1ali1996 says:

Bro u look like spider man 2 at 10:58

Rst Raj says:

Link for that tripod.. Where to buy

I M Jus10 says:

can you take a picture of stars using the honor 8x?

Gokula Kannan says:

24.25 was awesome

KH AN says:

So any one could tell me should i buy this phone or nt



Eisenhiem says:

Need night mode sample…

sai kiran says:

What kind of dumb and uninteresting review is this? first I really excited to watch honor 8x camera review from XDA. Because I have a preconceived notion that they are good in technical stuff. But while I was watching, I felt like this video is saying nothing, except unenthusiastic guy is speaking for the god sake. I think Honor haven’t paid enough for the XDA to do a good review.

Sky Chromotex says:

Fully Satisfied on this camera review

Sachin K.C. says:

Can you please suggest Gcam for Honor 8x (Potrait Mode included).

Rupam Sen says:

Brilliant job.Thank you so much.

gamaruful says:

Fake shaky hand

DeepteshLovesTECH says:

Shittiest camera review… Didn’t even show handheld night mode.

Kerlyos says:

It would have been great to have comparison in low luminosity environments. That’s were the lenses may differ the most quality-wise

Nash says:

I hope you could test the Oppo A3S because it’s a budget phone with a lot of potential

Barik ahmed says:

Too boring

Gokul k anil says:

Didn’t know Toby Maguire had a YouTube channel. Btw nice vid.


Do I have to use extra tempered glass on honor 8x ????????

july july says:

2:34 title pls.

Adarsh Adhu says:

Honor 8 X OTG SUPPORT Cheyiyumo

sourav singh says:

Below average front is ok

Rush Smith says:

This phone needs much better EIS
The lack of stabilization totally ruins the pho9ne

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