Huawei P9 Review: More than just a pair of cameras?

Most of the discussion on Huawei’s latest smartphone has focused on photography. These dual Leica cameras are certainly interesting, but how does this gadget perform otherwise? Is this a full featured flagship, or another gimmicky compromised device?
Here’s our full review of the Huawei P9!
Huawei P9 Real Camera Review


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Maciek Marcinkiewicz says:

This, z5 compact, oneplus 3, lg g5 or htc 10? plz help

Adelina Sihombing says:

is huawei is a top brand for phones

Matt Bohorquez says:

Do a giveaway

Cristi Croicu says:

I look at a lot of reviews of this phone. Everyone says that you don’t have an app drawer… OMFG!!! Have you even tried to understand what this feature is??? It is a fucking folder where all shit applications are…. Why is everyone so pissed that it is not present on the phone… You can make your own folder and name it “App Drawer” if it makes you feel better… Stop spreading this shit ideea that this is a problem…. How stupid are people these days that they do not understand this simple tricks….. It;s like Google discovered America in this app drawer….. IT’s a fucking folder

JayVan Geli says:

pocketnow presenters are all good. unlike Android Authority where josh is the only good one.

siDDaker hd says:

whats the ggamme played before mmarvel future fight ?

Azhar Suji says:

I’m pretty sure p9 has image stabilizer. you hv to on the stabilizer. there’s an option by sliding your phone from the right.

Adelina Sihombing says:

because this phone is amazing

Deni Nedelkovic says:

was surprised of Tool’s video @4:30 ^^ good review tho.

adrain quan says:

does it has fast charging and how was the battery life.. thanks

sultanabran1 says:

finally a worthy successor to the nokia 1020’s camera.

José Andrés Montero Rojas says:

On point!

Alex Toma says:

This or iPhone SE? I’m interested in the camera and overall performance. I’m not sure which one to chose.

Super Toys Show says:

*Great phone!*

bert arucan says:

great review. can I ask what pen you were using on your presentation

Ryan Duminiet says:

I got this phone recently, it is a really awesome phone!

mesbaul islam says:

what’s that pen?

Abiram S says:

where did u get this phone? may i know the site….

protoNiumZero says:

Hi, I want to highlight something about a serious bug with Huawei P9 speaker output low or weak sound when in game, this is what I found out about the low sound problem, when I try to minimize the game and then restore back the game, the sound become loud but when I try to interact with the game (touch), the sound suddenly become low.. already try crank up the volume when it happened but also same result, you can check the video that I recorded for this issues at my channel. Hope Huawei acknowledge this and fix the problems.

MrWalker1000 says:

kirin isn’t unheard of. Most of the chips are manufactured there, they have the knowhow. Learn your stuff .

Iamyouonlydifferent says:

I dont like the bottom speaker as I cant put my phone on a pint glass for extra volume like you can with a samsung

billylai6 says:

however I have some technical issue hope someone can help me. is there any way I can setup my whatsapp so that I can disable the auto download of photos my friends send? also can I set it up so that all photos I want to download will go to my sd card? thank you


should i get htc 10 or p9 ???

Kh Ai says:

does the phone works with AT&T or Verizon Wireless?

Kii Pena says:

.how to set the nfc of Huawei P9?

Iamyouonlydifferent says:

I have to say Im loving my p9 I upgraded from my galaxy s5 and the p9 is better on every level apart from not being water proof .

JasonGuitarHand says:

For someone who listens to a lot of music, has an interest in photrography, gets the basics done and needs a phone that can last all day with moderate use. Would you recommend the p9 or the Honor 8. I welcome anyones thoughts. thank you.

saifultrains says:

Hardest decision ever – What colour to choose from?

Zainiac400 says:

Huawie​ P9 vs Google Pixel

Which one should I get

Zach Inverse says:

I wish they didn’t change how recent apps were displayed in stock android.

Gareth Winstanley says:

lol love the TOOL music video

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