Huawei P9 Real Camera Review: Is this “Leica” legit?

The most interesting things about Huawei’s P9 are the dual camera sensors on the back. This is the first device born of the collaboration between Huawei and Leica, and it’s not without a little controversy. While Huawei representatives insist that Leica was an active partner in developing the camera hardware and software for the P9, many are still concerned this might only be a branding exercise. To see if this experiment is successful, we used the P9 for five days around Los Angeles, collecting samples in varying lighting conditions, and now we’re ready to report our results. Here’s our Huawei real camera review!

Huawei P9 still photo gallery
Huawei P9 First Impressions


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diyar nazar says:

my p9 have a dual camera but one only works , why ? please answer if someone else have the same thing please and thanks

Mark Douglas says:

then apple copied

Mitch C says:

this guy has tons of horrible things to say about a phone that shoots top notch pics and videos for a cell phone for most consumers needs.

asdf asdfdf says:

why the fuck everybody in my country huawei are reading “huavej” not “vauvej”

muzictherpy says:

P9 photo camera is for sure better then S7 and G5 cameras but how it is good compared to Hasselblad mode moto z..

Nexatus says:

What stylus is he using?

Chris Hu says:

Anyone know how to access the DNG files, I’m shooting a few pictures in RAW but it only shows the Jpegs in my folder

Rotaru Sergiu says:

Hey Carlos , you watch the new Dragon Ball Super ?

arafath islam says:

p9 equipped 2.9 inch sensor size only, check wiki, poor sensor! no ois + 4k in p9!!! oh my

Tomas Av. says:

Nobody proved that there is 2 sensors. till then it just a bullshit. Cover one lense and you’ll see no difference.

Joshua D'Oliveiro says:

Got this phone and have been playing with the camera over a holiday. It IS fun. And you can do a lot with it. Besides that, excellent review!

Pascal Erb says:

Cool vid dude!

arafath islam says:

yeh pocket now!

Cai Xia Gan says:

only an idiot would ask is this Leica legit? wonder how stupid and narrow mind this is

MBHarsh says:

This is by far the most extensive review I’ve ever seen and let me just tell you, its really really appreciated!

First Name Best Name says:

P9 is cool, I like the design more than Axon 7, the camera alone could draw me away from Axon. I like the p9 more but Axon’s bang for buck is tempting.

Le DraciuZ says:

12:00 Birds pass by

Steff Koo says:

I watching on p9

Kasckal says:

Hi people!
My girlfriend currently uses a nexus 5, coming from an Iphone. She really likes android now. Problem is, her nexus 5 slowly dies. So her standards for usability are pretty high (without knowing it) and she also is no Tech enthusiast, she is quite the opposite. She doesn’t like to customize her phone with themes or something, she just wants to use it. So my question to you all is: would you recommend a Huawei phone (mainly because of EMUI) to someone like her?
Keep in mind, she just knows stock android by now and will probably be irritated by the emui look.
I would really like to know if you know people that are no enthusiast and use a huawei. Is the featureset overkill for these people?

Chris_Nias says:

Should i buy this smartphone than iphone7 for photo?

Extreme AutoMoto says:

What was that pen that is used when you were showing camera features 3:36 ?

moon burst says:

everything is great. it just need to add OIS

Jason Jiao says:

nice vedio

Joffil Alberio says:

it looks like huawei did a very good job on P9. can’t wait to have that phone next year.

paricin469 says:

What stylus are you using @ 3:50? Please reply!

kosta kosta says:

can you tell me whitch is the phone with the best camera?

Evaleen Tan says:

Please make a review on the asus zenfone 3 series (ultra/deluxe/max) thank you!

steve blow says:

love it

Aakash Bhochhibhoya Architecture says:

which stylus pen are you using?
can u share me the link of that?

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