Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9+ : Camera Comparison Review !

The Huawei P20 Pro camera review vs Galaxy S9+ is here ! Full camera test and review with samples soon. Huawei P20 Pro case: *
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The Huawei P20 Pro is the Chinese manufacturer’s latest flagship smartphone, and in terms of camera tech, is arguably the most innovative device we’ve seen in quite some time. A quick look at the device’s back plate reveals that the P20 Pro is the first smartphone to feature a triple camera setup. However, Huawei hasn’t simply slapped a third sensor and lens onto its current dual-camera system.
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Gambit says:

tldr. if you’re noob buy p20 pro and let ai do shit for you

ZeX says:

Auto mode is fine, but that 40MP senzor is a joke. Seen so many blurry and gray images on 40MP mode.

Anthony N says:

That vivid mode on the P20 Pro is awesome

Sciencement pk says:

It can record at 1080P with front camera ,You just need to tap on face icon on top left and bring beauty mode to zero then record at 1080p.

John P. says:

I am very glad i have found this channel! Very good camera comparison and i am waiting for the more detailed one as you say in the description below the video. Great job Steven 🙂

Adrian Proniewicz says:

S9+ beast

Frando 99 says:

S9+ unimagined by P20 Pro, lol

mendowan says:

Care it’s “made in chinese” product..

Kashif Jamal says:

camera is definitely better in p20.but bring a Chinese phone and led display it’s price is not must be half if s 9 plus so Huawei can defeat Samsung once for all

gym fitboi says:

ur soo cute!

puccini pc says:

I came for the phones . And stayed for your face papi

Raunak Jaiswal says:

It can shoot 1080p with front facing camera…all you have to do is turn off beauty mode.

Johan Gustafsson says:

You can actually film in higher resolution than 720p when using the front facing camera. But you must turn off ”beauty mode”’first and then go to the settings.

new2diving says:

Great review ! may I know the settings of the P20 pro in the low-light pictures ? is night mode on or off ? 10 Mp or 40 Mp ?

J B says:

Wow your photography skills are terrible. Even having great AI can’t fix the stupid angles you try and take your pics at. Oh, and real original with your ridiculous panning shots and LED lighting.

geenogabb says:

Having more details in “some” photos of the P20 pro does not necessarily mean it’s always the better one. I notice that the processing on the p20 pro is still not as good as that of the s9 plus. The oversaturated color of the wing of the plane means that the ai is not reliable all the time. One would have to resort to going to the manual mode. No OIS on video too and an underperforming front cam (as seen in other videos) hold it back from being the true champ, while the S9 plus still a true all rounder.

Goko Smileski says:

When you compare side by side s9 has a garbage camera

Niels Junker says:

Hi great video as always i know it’s about P20 pro vs s9 plus. What do you think about P20 pro vs mate 10 pro? Can choose between them.

Hasnain Abdul Subhan says:

Can u make video on sony xz2 vs s9.

supaahflyy says:

Just looks like the p20 does what Google does except even more Photoshopping of the photo. It’s not even close to real at that point

Carl Mag says:

Listening to your sweet voice is calming.

Emon Khan says:

I will just buy a camera. Thank you

Jorman Hernandez says:

Oh my god. I dont know wich one i will buy. I love the s9 but i feel the camera of p20 is better…

SESkey says:

P20 is better.

aero브이 says:

huawei CF

mark gt says:

turn off beauty face on p20 pro then you can rec 1080 p

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