Huawei P20 Pro review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Huawei P20 Pro’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.

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Cheuk Seto says:

The future is looking like the Light L16 camera with too many lenses on the back.

Zelik Sarungbam says:

If they r gonna copy apple then Copy like they own it with no chin and all but No. They put the notch and the chin too dumb phone

chou zihe says:

looks like huawei is competing with samsung, but the truth is the german camera is slightly better than the japanese camera

jayant97 says:

Time to get a haircut

Tentacular says:

Wow, surprised by how good this phone seems. And great video for highlighting everything good about it!

Gate Crasher UK says:

So its a expensive phone missing alot of features and has a overhyped camera with wobbly 4k videos lol Shit i will stick with my S9

ThePhilosorpheus says:

Why would you want a glass phone without wireless charging? Its more fragile for no reason! The rest sounds quite good tho

Will B Fan says:

Huawei sounds like who cares..

Mann Bdr Rai says:

Awesome Video

happy pokemon says:

me no money about no work job or me used money can buy huawei p20 about work salary pay food,damn malaysia

sense less says:

that ugly notch though

White Hear_t says:

iphone 1
samaung 2
dont look to others

Paschal Uwakwe says:

this is soooooooooooooooooo an iPhone X ripoff

bror30 says:

You say in the video that the pro 20 has an amoled screen? Other sites and other videos say that it is an OLED screen. What is correct? My manufactor say it is an OLED. Is there a different between thos screens? Other wise it looks like a great phone.

Leslie Bakang says:

game at 3:43??

MrSwarai says:

Excellent review… Quick, detailed, and to the point. Thank you

Bibi Rai says:

My screen has a gradient hue to it. It’s more obvious at a low brightness when looked at in the dark. Left side is darker than left side. Anyone facing the same thing?

EUguitarRULE says:

I Western people should buy Chinese product I’m a Asian living in Canada and I-refuse to buy Chinese

Fernando Alba says:

How about a review on the regular P20

Mohd Basri says:

gay shit

VoloKin Project says:

Will what about 40mp in low light?

David Hožič says:

stop calling it innovation, nor they were the first to the camerad neither to the notch

googlin asses says:

No micro sd slot is a dealbreaker!! When your phone crashes you will lose everything!!

MangaGamefan says:

Oh how wish i can get the p20 pro .

For me the pro would be the camera,
The A.I help to boost the images to look stunning and enhanced the color, but of course you can switch off the A.I to get natural looking images. The 10mp images does look great unless we zoom it too far. But really i would use that 10mp photos to post in social media because nobody would zoom images too far in social media. Hope they can fix the 24mp front camera via software update because it does produce an over exposure images.

I don’t like the notch (Essential started the notch but Apple did start the trend) though but luckily it can be disabled in the phone, and shame about the 3.5mm jack, it would be nice to have that without carrying extra dongle every time. And the SD card slot would be nice too because just like DSLR camera it would be easier to transfer photos with SD Card to computer. And the glass display looks nice but they should have the wireless charging, though i don’t mind that feature. And also the 4K doesn’t have the stabilizer but for me i wouldn’t use the 4k because it always take so much size and if i would use it i will use it with tripod to record video for stills. And i think the price should be lowered a bit since the Kirin970 consider as older processor.

Allen A says:

Wasn’t started by apple was started by essential p1

Mac Attack says:

Huawei, oneplus, and asus the most pathetic this year. Copying apple design

Dany Fairuzy says:

No thanks I’ll get a DSLR instead.

IGA says:

Not only you look like Leafy but sound like him too. Is he related to you?

Cric, tech says:

It’s price is too high and it does not support sd card

Eny Chan says:

No have Eis? Redmi Note 5 better

paulF1 says:

Any lag

Bhavishya Narang says:


Yahya Ibrahim says:

It needs video stabilization at 4k

Jeremiah McCurry says:

Pre-ordered mine. Can’t wait to see how it compares to my iPhone 7.

scuttle06 says:

whenever apple starts a trend it goes wrong

Manikandan J says:

Hi, what about the heat management??…

Zaber Zee says:

I am happy with my nova 2i.. With headphone jack..

Sualeh Irfan says:

Loaded with tons of bloatware

Bryan De Torres says:

nice hair Will ❤

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