Huawei P20 Pro Review: The Triple Camera Smartphone!

Huawei P20 Pro. The eye catching flagship you may have never heard of. Is it worth it?
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Phone provided by Huawei for review.


Alston Wang says:

man two cameras is enough no need for three lol

Chris Arkalis says:

“I’m trying to do what I can with the camera I have” …. while his using a RED…

Joshua Lu says:

Waiting for the MrMobile review

Nish Mistry says:

“It looks different in every video I see. I’m trying to do the best I can with the camera I have.” *has a RED camera*, nah man gotta get the GREEN Oxygen sensor for 144p 2fps buttery goodness.

OG Steppenwolf says:

maybe ill think about buying it………costs 1500 dollars

jonathan mandouma says:

Probably not coming to the U.S. because Apple and Samsung probably secured most of the market here

Fuzion916 says:

I see that Bright Moments vinyl…

Asaf Iron-Jobes says:

What soccer cleats do you wear for ultimate frisbee?

lsmeteor says:

Yeah, but that phone is still calling home to china.

Balto Patrick says:

What a shitty phone

Jefferson Vendivil says:

That bass intro

Jr Valentin says:

Is the camera better than the google 2 xl?

Leding Chen says:

I am so sad you only use one photo to describe its night mode… Have you tried the super night mode? It is dope I think

Andrew C says:

I think they kept the notch because a lot of American reviewers seems to dislike it in the bottom as Xiaomi chose to do. Personally, I’d rather it at the bottom to get rid of the notch. I saw the Verge’s review and it seemed like having to flip the phone was like having to walk up stairs with a broken leg.

Berleezy's Pause Face says:

Huawei sounds like a Famous Dex ad lib

varun :D says:

Early af

zhang dan says:

you dont open night mode

theOneyouknow says:

You are actually so late till I like to watch your videos ….why?

Ganesh Tech says:

Why you don’t talk about night mode in camera? If it’s turned on it is the best the decade

Youssef Ahmed says:

The first video on your channel that I get bored while watching

Christopher Bazaka says:

Shoutout to Big Krit

Daniel Pan says:

I’m sorry that bezel is not huge.

Sastha says:

Super cool dog! All his (?) pics are great.

Arin Kulshi says:

You summarized it perfectly. Huawei is a company where the software is constantly holding back the hardware.

Ethan Wang says:

Just “captured it completely” with the camera.

Johnsterfer says:

Rip flamingo for Twitter

Tony Wang says:

The ‘H’ in Huawei is phonetically the same as it is in English. It does *not* sound like a W.

Kim Bridge says:

So glad you weren’t oh it’s the best you have to buy bla bla. It’s a stunning phone and the camera is probably no doubt very good. But I actually prefer the software on my s9 plus. The photo’s are great I love all of it. If I took a lot of pictures then maybe I would of gone pixel 2 xl as I did like that phone. But as for huawei not fan of the software and I am not a person who chucks a different launcher on my phone and other fancy stuff. For me to pay so much for a phone I expect it to be nice the way it is. I use SwiftKey and that’s about it.

Z ô M says:

fantastic video edition

Areeb Umar says:

Gotta like for those Marshawn Lynch memes lol

pokecrud says:

“doing the best with the CAMERA I have” NANI THE FK?

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