Huawei P20 Pro Camera Test

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Joy Mukherjee says:

finally someone matched up to Old Nokia’s powerful imaging capabilities, with the addition of new AI tech.

Red Tiger says:

Great camera with bad stabilization.

Anang Sulistyono says:

That rear side color tho, super beautiful.

azhar khan says:

One more vedio Huawei p20 Pro vs LG v30 Plus camera comparison

Jasper Lai says:

How much huawei pay you?

Deadpool says:

Still LG V30 and iPhone X.

Onlyrgu says:

Finally Nokia Pureview 808 has a competitor after 6 Years!!!

Bugs says:

it’s Leica yo

Adjie Pratama says:

Nice P20

Amal Vishnu says:

Which is better s9+ or p20 pro

menkiboj says:

finally something to to replace the lumia 1020 & 930

Hashim Ali says:

It’s picture is just great but it’s selfie and video on 4k is junk but still it’s a great great phone

Tech Fan says:

Waiting for pixel 3 ..

Eric Wang says:

Huawei is not available anymore in the US~

Pip Hacker says:

My Next Phone P20 Pro

Waleed Rezq says:

Best camera

Random Vlogger says:

I would like to say this is an amazing phone but is copying iphone to much

Manish Gamez says:

I think the term camera phone is gonna comeback .

Wang Ruoxu says:

I like how you call it an “iPhone eks”

Not Nice says:

3 cameras? damn,, well next , i want 10 cameras .

Mr.Krabs says:

Yeah it’s a very capable camera.. but the software it’s a mess.. Why can’t they put everything under one place.. they were hyping about AI and stuff.. they should keep only 3 modes in the camera
1. NORMAL ( which can automatically detect the scenes and optimise the stuff according to which)
2. Portrait ( self explanatory)
3. Video

Josh zh says:

Can I shot black people using night mode? Is it look clear and detail?

Rohan Kanagala says:

p20 pro camera is really better than iPhone X, pixel 2 but I think pixel 3, iPhone 2018 will beat p20 pro camera.

Art of Peek-a-Boo style says:

Good bye iPhone

Ng Zong Hee says:

its illegal to shot Eiffel Tower at night

Haider Khurshid says:

That eiffel tower shot is illegal. So dissapointed.

Adam Smaka Vlogs says:

When he said iPhone ex I stopped watching

Hashim Ali says:

This phone has just great camera but it still has last years chip kirin 970

E. S. says:

I dont get why people believe that a long exposure is always better.
The long exposure is great for night photography but just for statics objects.
If a want a pic of a moving subject or object the photo will be Inevitably blurred.

social knowledge says:

Iam working for Huawei… very soon we will replace samsung and iphone…. 2020 vision

WGACA says:

P20 Pro camera is a joke, not nearly worth the score given by Dxomark. Look up Super Saf comparison with iPhone X

Xioami 69 says:

Try NOKIA 808 and NOKIA 1020 .. Carl Zeiss in raw

Jose Vu says:

compare with google pixel 2 for the f**k sake …

Delon Serino says:

After you said iPhone “ex”, I stopped watching.

yogesh h says:

You all fanboys can say whatever you want to say. But pixel’s camera still stand on top except in zoom functionality.

Asfand yar khan says:

How much is price

Leo Joey says:

hoo damn hey daddy

Lei Li says:

Unfortunately, US banned Huawei. what a pity

박명은KOR says:

iPhone X win

Younes Tennoussi says:

P20 pro the best phone

Visar Krasniqi says:



great phone

Ales Borszék says:

So max ISO in pro mode is only 3200? Thought it goes up to 51.200 or higher?

Lucas Browne says:

Why on earth would you compare it to the Apple? The Pixel 2 is the yard stick. So stupid.

latuman says:

“5x hybrid zoom is effective too”. But isn’t it just cropping? I mean, if you can simply crop the photo afterwards, why even mention it to have anything to do with “zooming”, because it isn’t that?

Finley Morgan says:

accident hat loud equal terrorist responsible photographer number act.

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