Huawei P10 Plus Real Camera Review: Leica for the win!

An early front runner for our favorite smartphone camera of 2017, let’s take an in-depth look at photo and video performance on the P10 Plus!
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Tilted by Box says:

How better is it than lg g4(yes 4) cameras(both back and front)?

Joseph Yi says:

lol “AdultToys” man I’m immature…

7lameboy says:

Been waiting for this! Ordered my P10 yesterday!

Carl Maglines says:

0:38 wow same maga pickels

Tony Crawshaw says:

choice choices do i get the P10 or keep my LG g5??

Doge Charger says:

So, does the phone have OIS or EIS?

Lo WHong says:

Hi! Do you know which camera is better? The P10 plus or the Samsung S8? Includes 4K Video recording as well as I plan to do some recording while travelling. Thanks!

Joel Conolly says:



John Caban says:

Google pixel of this for camera?

Harley Strain says:

I’m actually not a huge fan of the camera, even with stills. It can have a hard time making the scene more white and bright than it should be. The specific shot I’m looking at is the picture with the purple flowers. What I like about the camera most is the bokeh, but only the rear facing bokeh effect. I definitely see easily noticeable issues with the front facing bokeh, especially compared to the front lens blur effect of the pixel, a feature I’ve really come to enjoy. I’m also a fan of the night time shots, but I think while they’re definitely passable shots, they’re overall just a little bland, with the brighter signs or advertisements being easily blown out. I’d say this camera is challenging the best of the best, the Pixel, iPhone 7, LG G6, HTC 10 (or even the U Ultra), and S8, but falls just below every single one of them. (If it weren’t for the video performance, it might be a favorite over the iPhone 7).

suli6969 says:

why does he sound like a DJ from the 80s

Jason Levine says:

3:35 chill out Jay

Dick B. says:

Juan Carlos – I always enjoy your camera and audio reviews. The use of the same scenes (babbling brook, spooky gate, etc.) is a nice touch.

Mrinal Choudhury says:

pocketnow brings the best out of smartphone camera

Mark Fletcher says:

I think Mega Pickles might be the best kind of pickles.

Bro Swirski says:

Easily competing with iPhones? Which capture mono audio? WoW! 😀

David Dickerson says:

Can you give me some information on that stylus you were using to manipulate things on the phone during the video, please?

Martin Hawrylkiewicz says:

Mega pickle!

Blake Haas says:

Excellent video. Do you think huawei will make the hdr and focus improvements to the mate 9 via fw?

Abderraouf Djellal says:

the best camera for a smartphone !

Subham Sarkar says:

Came here for the mega pickles, wasn’t disappointed

ramiz akhter says:

what a review
i was waiting for that
thanx man good bye Samsung i will buy p10 plus

Adam Foster says:

Even though Leica had no real involvement with the camera…

Em Noor says:

I really like your camera review. This is what I call critical and professional. Hope to see Xperia XZ Premium camera review when it is released soon. Curious to see how Sony new IMX400 fares against other flagships.

Da'Shawn Legos says:

did anyone hear him say megapickles

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