Huawei P10 Camera Review

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Wayne Lee says:

the girl…pretty.

yang ji says:

very shaky video you should get a gimbal selfie-stick things

Kutis Pwet says:

show starts@1:05 and ends @2:12

sharafaldin says:

do get EVA with the headfon ?

Michael Lawrence says:

1:54 is the moment 😀

Iulian Ghebaura says:

well done she is beautiful ! :))

danichacla says:

Hi, Kai!
Analyze the Hasselblad Moto Mod from Lenovo / Motorola.
Does the Moto Mod use its own sensor? Or use the smartphone sensor?
What size of sensor does the Moto Mod have?
Why do the photos with the Moto Mod Hasselblad have less vividness than those taken with the Moto Z smartphone?
Greetings from Lima, Perú.

Igor Tomazi says:

What is the slowest shutter speed Huawei P10 Plus?

I appreciate who answer me!

diego oliva oliva says:

facebook of

midnightsxtc says:


Mahiya CreationZ says:

You are not working for digitalrev right?

Max Maxiz says:

omg that beautiful huwawi girl.. I’m in love..

Jeffrey Samuel says:

@ 5:30 is that michael fisher from pocketnow?!

Philson says:

huawei girl kinda cute

Oscar Rodriguez says:

I loved your video!

Barack Hussein Obooma says:


Eli Moon says:

what is the camera module inside there?

mello yello says:

i came into this video only because of that super hot girl. i would want to buy 100 boxes of p10 if she introduced it

yang li says:

妹子 真好看

RI P says:

British accent ?

kali kana says:

the girl is HOT

Alex says:

What is the sensor size on each sensor and can images be output at 20mp? Also I take the 20mp is a 16:9 aspect ratio?

Ruben Avisena says:

hey…. i don’t know if you’re there…. i was there too

iamAX 830 says:

Eva waved goodbye at 02:14 ..That’s so sweet =)

CCD566 says:

shitty review from a shitty chink!

Hasnizam Mohamed says:

What’s her instagram?

Lolita Gaming says:

I can’t wait to see you hit 1 million subs.

androcles x says:

I would lick that girls butthole

Sasmitha Waidyatilleke says:

Damn that sales girl

iamAX 830 says:

Some of the comments are so stupid that it would make the person think again to add the persons name. Daft

John Caban says:

What is your opinion on this camera with f2.2 vs Google Pixel? Also, when you get your hands on a Plus version please do a comparison. Keep up the videos.

Eric Miao says:

I’d rather get that girl

Simon Gibbs says:

I could listen to you all day Kai…top video!!

SyedAhmedPS says:


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