Huawei P10 Camera Review: We Leica a lot

Huawei P10 camera review: We fully tested the feature-packed dual-lens Leica 2 camera on the Huawei P10 flagship phone for this P10 camera review, with full photo and video samples.

The Huawei P10 is one of the most enticing mobiles launched at MWC 2017, packing Huawei’s super-powered Kirin 960 processor and some premium specs into a compact frame.

However, it’s that dual-lens Leica 2 camera on the back which has already proven the P10’s best feature. This versatile smartphone camera boasts some intelligent tech and delivers up to 4K resolution video recording, as well as plenty of bonus camera modes.

Here’s our full Huawei P10 camera test review. Check out our in-depth P10 camera review over at Recombu for more test samples:

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birdas salvatore says:

iPhone killer was born here!

FOOD says:

So good camera!

Padid AZG. says:

Camera review of P10 plus, please!

tv android says:

video and stabilitation is very bad

Manohar singh says:

failed phone camera vise.. i spend nearly all of my day in low or artificial light and you end up taking photos like a 2mp phone.. what a joke really… its not 2007

Jayamurali m v says:

Had a p9 plus sold it 3 days ago,
The build quality was as solid even better than an iPhone, but the software ui and worst case the leica camera it was crap, noise like hell in photos, and only in pro mode photos were OK, front camera was just like a 200 dollar android phone, Huawei is a deceiving company who cheat, the display on the phone p9 plus a 650 pound phone was outrageous, colour contrast was all below par for a flagship, I feel this company should stop deceiving people

DT B says:

P9 camera is better

XtraGalaxy17 says:

“Review”ing the camera with utterly unfinished pre-release software… Seems legit.

Jarif Ayman says:

that pun tho ahahahaha

Marko Gaši says:

That pun killed me.

Ali Mohamed says:

where did you get that amazing wallpeper

tarny11 says:

How much is it


mate 9 has the same camera i would go for a mate 9 for me it looks better


Guys Camara review of p10 plus

Sopheaktra Thor says:

It is the best motivation

Diego Kaku says:

P10 Plus vs P9 plus!

Sheikh Suleiman says:

it’s just a mate 9 camera, do a p10 plus camera review as it’s rgb sensor is 1.8 aperture instead of 2.2 so that may actually be great in low light

JY Yew says:

Hoping to get a p10 vs p10 plus soon

علي السلطان says:


AdzyFee says:

I disliked because of that pun

Howard Zhang says:

P10 plus vs mate 9

Ygor Cortes says:

I feel like this video was kinda incomplete. I really you guys showing how good HDR is and what difference the night mode makes, as well as the bokeh mode. Otherwise, really good! Keep up with the good work, guys!

MangaGamefan says:

Yeah that’s what i thought of p10 camera, it’s the same as the mate 9 camera.Though they said this p10 can render 3d facial recognition very accurately so it is the best when you want to take portrait mode. To @recombu u forgot to review the front camera which has leica inside (Sample photo). And kinda disappointed a bit with P10 though since there’s no major upgrade to this phone, yes the camera have been upgraded to 20mp and have OIS but it’s just the same as the mate9 and based on this review the camera quality have been better but not that good or excellent. So basiclly it’s almost the same as the mate 9 in terms of the camera sensor. But to compare it with last year P9, it’s consider a good upgrade though. But the price not so much. So i think i’m gonna go with the cheaper P9 first and then wait for P11. haha

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