Huawei Mate 9 Real Camera Review: Second generation Leica dual camera!

Just when we thought we were done, Huawei delivers a killer update for the Mate 9 which included some camera improvements. After re-shooting some of our tests, how does this beast of a phone stack up to the competition? Here’s our Huawei Mate 9 Real Camera Review!

Mate 9 vs iPhone 7 Plus
Mate 9 vs LG V20
Mate 9 Review


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Md Faruq says:

just got mine yesterday!..weee!..

Joseph Dechavez says:

Wowed by the mate 9. -1020 user.

Jonel Calida says:

Did Huawei updated the camera for the P9? Or they just did updated the software? I’m planning to get P9 plus instead of s7 edge.

Manjunath S says:

Compare between popular dap music players with modern smartphones as smartphones are versatile n can stream audio and even more portable and accessible

Matrix003 says:

it needs wider aperture lens for better low light? There’s only so much software can do. A 2.2 f-stop is not enough for very low light conditions. IMO.

Lockheed Jay Smith says:

for me OPPO is the best CAM ever, like R7 plus, R9, R9s, R9s plus and find 9….

xtina jerez says:

you always make the best camera reviews and your pictures wow amazing.

May T says:


Jalal Ashraf says:

hi dear Juan

when and what was the size of update you are talking about and please can you refer to your software build number after update.

Adel Al Jammal says:

Impressive review, Juan!

Hermes Velasco says:

It looks just like the destinated successor to my Nexus 6 now doesn’t it?

Reynell Martinez says:

When did YouTube was updated to like and dislike videos?

Rouchextreme says:

Awesome review!!! Thanks for the info, now I’m more confident about my recently purchase

Afiq danial says:

hi ! can you suggest between s7 and mate 9 which one is have better camera ?

Joska Keunekamp says:

Great review. 🙂
Thank you very much.
One question…
Can i shut down the auto focus?

Kind regards.

Matt Brum says:

can we say it is the best camera on a smartphone so far or that the pixel and v20 are better?

Nyall Jodhan says:

Nice review. I have one question: what’s the stylus pen you’re using please?

bandidong tulisan says:

Mr.Pickle – i am so happy right now. 😀 excellent review.

Gabriel Aguilera says:

oh man, I want this phone so badly

Joseph Carrino says:

After all these YouTube reviews this phone is still not available in the U.S….

aleix the great says:

i will buy this phone because of your review, thanks juan carlos.

Nahid Zaman says:

s7 edge y mate 9 best please comment

phlipatjasper says:



under90seconds says:

Question for Juan. Is Pixel’s camera best one out there? How Mate 9 compare with Pixel? I saw DxOMark, 85 vs 89. Can that difference be seen in real life?

Joseph Carrino says:

This is best camera review I’ve seen on this phone.. very in depth and easy to follow..

mmj says:

stylus details plz

Hex Luthor says:

does the selfie cam have a flash like the mate 8?

krakapoww says:

this seems superior but how would u compare the mate 9 camera to the honor8?

Dk4K says:

Very best review.. audio on point and video too

nash thanatos says:

You, good sir, have a new subscriber. What I would really like to see from you is a tutorial on how to generally get the most out of a phone camera.

Sam Pheonix says:

man you are just superb reviewer…. awesome

Jael Llabres says:

is there going to be an unlocked usa version of this?

mhdalkaabi says:

so do you think mate 9 camera is good enough to beat google pixel camera

Chrissanto Ukardi says:

I’m wondering about the Slow Motion Quality, can it shoot 720p 240fps like IPhone? and can we adjust the Slow Mo Part directly from the camera software / gallery?

Raghav Boss says:

compared to s7 edge, how’s the camera

Monique Apuli says:

very good camera review..excited to touch this mate 9 on my hand…

jonathan capellan says:

our creepy Gate lol

M1710 says:

Facepalm, I just bought this phone to my girlfriend. She will not understand the Pro mode, let alone try it.
My initial thought about this phone is very good. Impressive battery and great camera.

gfwong79 says:

Thanks for another great review. Just cracked my Lumia 950 XL on Christmas day. I got a Mate 9 as a replacement based on your review. Camera is really great. Besides it checks all my boxes – phablet, just released, great camera and slightly lower price than the main flagships.
Never regret getting it but I do miss Cortana.

Fernando Gimenez says:

Thanks Juan. Yours are the only phone camera reviews I trust.

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