Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro Camera Review – All the Things

Huawei is packing everything but the kitchen sink into the camera experience for both the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. With a 3x optical zoom on the Mate 20 Pro, 2x optical zoom on the Mate 20, 40-megapixel main sensor on the Mate 20 Pro, and a brand new wide-angle camera on both phones, Huawei is going all out on the camera experience for these phones, but how does it compare to the rest of the 2018 lineup? We compare both Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro to the LG V40 ThinQ, Google Pixel 3, Huawei P20 Pro, OnePlus 6T, HTC U12+, and the Sony Xperia XZ3.

Full album of comparisons:

Quick Links:
Software overview: 2:32
Pro/Manual mode: 4:34
NPU/AI modes: 5:37
Aperture/Portrait mode: 8:46
Wide-angle/Macro: 10:50
Night mode: 12:49
Auto mode: 14:39
10mp and 40mp comparison: 16:56
Telephoto: 19:16
Front-facing camera: 20:28
Video: 20:52
Audio tests: 22:48
Slow motion: 24:58

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Lelouch V Britannia says:

Quite professional camera review, the best in Youtube.
I love it

ggdfgg dfgdffgfddg says:


mageddiablo says:

Thanks for your efforts bro

XtraDreamLantern17 says:

It’s got an excellent sensor and quality lens, now they need more mature software to back them up. It’s time for Huawei to step up their game!

Thiago Perito says:

Congrats!!! Which is better in you opinion, Mate 20 or Oneplus 6T?

David Harrison says:

Nice phone but screen Mark’s way to easy

Lukas Dvorok says:

Few tips: You can use all 3 rear cameras in PRO mode in 40MP mode including RAW. I like to use Open camera app for low light video, because I can disable stabilization in 4K and remove that warping and EIS jitter, control bitrate, frame rate. Finally, for front camera I like to use Lightroom mobile (which I also use for RAW editing) it offers manual controls for FF camera and you can get better low light pictures with manual controls from FF camera, it also seems that processing is not so agresive.

David Hallberg says:

I personally think that huawei should stick to making the best 3-500 usd phones they can,instead of racing to the top!

karl h says:

while the other reviewers are more focusing on the presentation or style or joke…yours is more about the product itself, i like yours better!

12345 54321 says:

The video recording is disappointed

painful1978 says:

Professional review.. Thank you

Aditya Kumara says:

Can u make a deep comparisson for Mate 20 (not the Pro Model) and Galaxy Note 9 or LG V40 please?

Bear Panda says:

I’m switching to Mate 20 Pro. thanks for the video

Azam Edwards says:

A lot going on with Mate 20 pro cameras. We have to dig it.

Creative School says:

So what about testing highest iso level with long exposes …in dark sky like astrophotography

Ali Hejazi says:

Wow, 27 minutes, where’s the popcorn

David Hallberg says:

If you turn off stabilization when shooting video in the dark it gets much better than the soggy mess with it on!Huawei needs to look at that!

LokiDaFerret says:

Those are some cool AR features although they do need a few more generations in the oven imho.

Ruslan Jo May says:

great video!

Lelouch V Britannia says:

Generally audio is Huawei’s strong point. ‘TechMagnet’ told he reported it & Huawei will send an update

menarge williams says:

The Huawei p20 has an outstanding color this phone has a color that stands out from the problem is that the quality for when taking pictures is not so good. Huawei needs to step up there quality on the camera display.for the overall this phone is great to have I recommend people to give it a try. AND AGAIN THANKS FOR THE INFORMATION ON THIS PHONE GOD BLESS!!!

Jam Nicole Mamaril says:

I own a Mate 20 Pro and this is how you do a review, you show the strengths and weaknesses of the device without being biased.

I agree with you and I know Huawei will improve its Video in time. Maybe in a future updates issues stated will be rectified.

Julian Rafael Hassan Roden says:

These are my favorite camera reviews from any tech journalist.

Salas Zamorano says:

Relly very goog and detailed review thanks for your efforts

Azim Ayman says:

Great…but u should replace the 6T with a better camera phone likes the V40 ThinQ or the Galaxy Note9

12345 54321 says:

Thanks to show us the real camera experience of huwawie mate 20 pro and his brother .

Marbz says:

I’d love to see more of a comparison between the pixels front camera and the mate 20 pros, just to see how it stands up against the boss of front cameras

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