Huawei Honor 8 Review: Dual camera budget buster

For our full Honor 8 review, we’re checking up on what it means to bring Huawei P9 features to a lower price point, and we address some of the controversy surrounding the dual camera sensors. Do they really improve photos or is it just a gimmick?

Honor 8 Camera Review
Huawei P9 Real Camera Review


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A. Almutairi-305 says:

I’m confused now! Do I buy honor 8 or nova plus or Samsung galaxy s7 edge?

Extreme AutoMoto says:

Can you please tell me what is the pen used on the phone ?

Darren Prest says:

“8 mega-pickle”

OpenBeet5850444 YT says:

I am looking at this cus i i am going to get a honor 8

Alex King says:

mike from detroitborg and 60fps. I like this new pocketnow

The Emo Emu says:

Thanks for the warning. Was thinking about grabbing this phone for some bluetooth jobs. Wrong tool for the job.

Kai stoon says:

How about comparing to oneplus3T?

Phert Teves says:

3:13 the phone is mad af

Donovan Turney says:

Anyone know if this works on Cricket in The US?



Trey Irvin says:

can anyone tell me what pen he was using?

pillshereee says:

I’m a big audiophile and i enjoy amazing sound quality , will the Honor 8 deliver that ?

adrian preston says:

What is the name of the games that you play in the review? Thank you.

Travis Sivart says:

I wasn’t going to pass on this phone all together,but I fiddled with it for a little bit in a Best buy and I think I really like it. Not to mention it’s cheaper than some of my other options. I can deal with the UI (I’ll probably slap Nova launcher on it anyway) and the camera looks great

Kama 2 says:

Been using this phone for some months now, power socket is in bad place. Side placement would be better. This position kills the wire. Also, this is some new uncommon type or charging port system, atleast EU version.
So it does not matter which way you plug it, which is actually good but theres no chance you could charge your phone somewhere at Your friends place, because nobody has that kind of charger.
Gotta have your charger with You all the time. Battery has been good boy so far if you only use it for calls and sms, no network etc. last 2-3days. BUT…. still.. same problem as always with these damn smartphones.. after a while, for some reason they start to get LAGGY and lockscreen gets jammed sometimes. Even if you have enough memory in SD and RAM. Id rate it 8/10.

TheBlooRayChannel says:

This? Or the OP3?

Big Smoke says:

Why so many people call the Honor 8 and the OnePlus 3 midrange phones even if they are flagships?

Abdul Asamad says:

Huawei Honor 8 Smartphone
Oh man, look it’s just for 349.99 $ with coupon code: HUAWEIS
I hope this may help you

Justin Chan says:

is the v8 more worth it , although with different design but better internals and with a price just a bit higher?

game and clay says:

“mega pickle” ahhh life

Abhay Isaac says:

@pocketnow- Thanks for the most helpful review. I’m confused between oneplus3 and this phone. You’ve mentioned that its audio performance is inferior from One plus 3. Could you please tell me if this is the deal braker? and also which has the better camera. Thanks in advance. Cheers

L Lagrange says:

Should I change my Note 4 to this Honor 8? Or is the P9 better?

Olav Amh says:

omfacking gad im going to buy this mf right now.. cost 4399kr in norway tho.. which is about 450$

3165dwayne says:

Nice phone

Makovarus6s says:

Great video! I have a question, what kind of stylus do you use? That thing looks pretty cool.

Brendan Phillips says:

This or Huawei P9? In terms of user experience and camera

Erica König says:

i got honor 8

Lunch YT says:

i got that phone yesterday on christmas!!!! TODAY!!!

Chill_Bill says:

12 megapickle camera

SpaceMittens101 says:

Looking for a good camera phone. This or 6p ?

glueee says:

That moment when fedex is “out for delivery” 9 hours later, still isnt here…

Antoine Lucas says:

On the contrary, I find the super aggressive battery mode very cool – the one that cuts everything android and launch a low level interface – It is very use-full, if you need to take it on long trekking trips ( > 4 days without charger )

TheDestron says:

What’s up with the screen on time with this device? My honor 8 won’t get more than 4h I reckon. All reviewers but you talk about stellar 8h+ of screen on! Bug or hardware fault? Any fixes?

PLEA says:


Saad Naeem says:

Honor 8 ($299) or LG G5 ($399 with free cam plus, extra battery, external battery charger) ?

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