Huawei Honor 8 Camera Review: Crazy photos for the price!

Let’s not be bashful. This camera rocks. We very much enjoyed the still photo performance on the Huawei P9, and the Honor 8 is nearly identical. The fact that Honor is now delivering this camera system starting at $399 is pretty incredible. How does the Honor 8 compare to its more expensive sibling the Huawei P9? Can it compete against other mid-range budget buster phones? Will it be outclassed by more expensive flagship phones?
Here’s our camera review!

Huawei P9 Real Camera Review


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Chat with Juan


The What says:

for an affordable phone, it’s look is super nice. I’d rather go for the ZTE Axon7 though

Custnam says:

Currently deciding between oneplus 3 and honor 8. Havent decided yet. Leaning toward oneplus 3 as overall better phone. Not sure yet.

Hollanda1975 says:

Honor8 has now (feb-17) got EMUI 5.0 and Android 7 Nougat with a lot of improvements like an app drawer (can’t do without it) and double app options! It already had a double sim possibility so a double WhatsApp and Facebook app is just great to completely combine private and business use.

Dms Master says:

I love how the Honor 8 uses Dual Mega Pickle sensors

Abhi Nankoo says:

which phone is better Huawei Nova or honor 8

Weihua Chen says:

why does my honor 8 doesnt have the pro option??

CarneAsada420 says:

maybe focus on reviewing one phone at a time.

joanna d says:

honor 6x vs honor 8 vs hauwei p9
whats better???

The Fow says:

Does somebody know a better camera smartphone at the same price ?

Victor Prokop says:


naseer ahmed says:

what the hell you show same photos at p9 photos

Emil Alm says:

Great phone for the price! I prefer the Honor 8 rather than the Oneplus simply because of the fact that you can purchase the Honor 8 in local stores which makes it much easier to recplace if it were to break.

Владимир Греков says:

You can look at examples of photos here: (instagram)#fotovovo

Abcd says:

He said 12 mega Pickle!

Ren Gonzalez says:

Take a shot from a pickle jar juice every time Juan says “megapickle.”

JayVan Geli says:

did he say mega Pickles?

Volkan Kaya says:

this or s6 PLEASE HELP

RCmies says:


Manuel L says:

love this camera on my honor 8

Menexo says:

p9 lite or honor 8

Aakash Cheema says:

I like your commentary style and voice!

vegas wajeel says:

How does this compare witht he axon 7
Anyone have actuale use?

pinky1933 says:

The pictures actually look great! I agree video is a little low quality but I would not complain if this were my device.

chirag mohanty says:

Did u say pickles? 0:23

Mina Stankovic says:

Is this phone android?

Ahmad Kabir says:

I thought I was the only one who noticed those owl eyes 😛

LorenzoDeldro says:


Salman Memon says:

+JuanBagnell which 3rd party app; for EIS?

Perrin Bussière says:

Huawei Honor 8 Smartphone
Damn it’s just for 349.99 dollars with coupon code: HUAWEIS

Royce Galeos says:

ever since. i always enjoy your review guys. keep it up

Huskie says:

dual 12 megapickle

Tan Maxx says:

wait OnePlus 3 produces better video????

Fernando Muntaco says:


moondarck says:

the honor beats the one plus looks with ease

Afrizal Anoda says:

still confuse why..the photo loks really great,almost like s7 edge except in low light but when it comes to video..its just pooor..soo bad even worst than xiaomi’s

Russell Bradley says:

Have any software updates improved the Honor 8’s camera?

Mihajlo Mitrović says:

You guys at Pocketnow are constantly saying megapickle instead of megapixel. Is it on purpose?

Francielle Souza says:

I was impressed by the quality of the photos, really very beautiful. But for videos the camera did not deliver the same result. What other Huawei cell phone has photos with the same quality as Honor 8, but better video performance? Thanks.

Lone Wolf says:

i want to buy honor 8 but it is worth? just asking for opinion

Nazmus Saqib says:

Does installing custom ROM affect the performance of the camera? To me Huawei ROM is the worst thing that can happen to a smartphone 😐

Владимир Греков says:

You can look at examples of photos here: (instagram)#fotovovo

Mohammad Irfan Safdar Ali says:

P9 is really a nice phone

Chili Dez says:


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