HTC U11 Real Camera Review: Basic, Bright, Beautiful

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This is our HTC U11 Real Camera Review. HTC isn’t pushing any boundaries on this year’s flagship camera, but refining is always a smart play. Is this an improvement over last year’s phone? Does this phone take the camera up to 11? Here’s our HTC U11 Real Camera Review!

HTC U11 Real Audio Review

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Jeremy Smith says:

The U11 have a better camera than previous HTC phones, but still not good enough to outdo the pixel, Samsung or LG, still has some issues. Don’t know what DxOmark was thinking or doing.

Edgar Delgado says:

Another flop

Ping Lontoc says:

Hi Juan, can you please review the camera of XPERIA XZ Premium. Some channel says it has a good camera but I am still not convinced based on my experience with previous Xperia phone. Thanks in advance.

Eric V says:

the S8 camera is so overrated

rohit vasu says:

who else feels this review is sooo biased ? ! :/

rachmat w. rafe says:

U11 and pixel a step below samsung?Auto focus slower than samsung?
Seriously juan bagnel! Your sidings too obvious, every praise always blocked by critics. Hardly neutral review. I love Jaime tho!

Lisa Allen says:

s8 ftw

Charlie Fang says:

Anyone know what’s the brand and model of the touch pen used in the review? Much appreciated

Jakob Mitchell says:

if they didn’t ditch their gallery app then you would still have all the useless “fun” things. not sure why they went with google photos instead of their gallery app.

Rigo M. says:

I have NEVER seen bigger fanboys than the HTC fanboys. Any review that doesn’t seem good or exciting enough for this phone gets remarks like “bad review” “biased” blah blah blah. HTC fanboys get it through your thick heads that the U11 is a great phone but it is NOT a fucking God phone. It is NOT out of this world good. It’s just like any other phone.

sudin garai says:

The problem is whom should you trust? I have seen many reviews, which says HTC is better and other says Samsung is slightly better. Even if you check the side by side picture comparisons, it can be possible that both are taken in different modes and different settings to show one is better than the other. It has become really hard to believe all these reviews now a days. I feel most of these reviewers get paid to say good things about a particular company (HTC or Samsung, applies to both). If you can not trust DXOMark, then how can you trust these review websites??!!!

Best is to get the phone and test it yourself. I am a big fan of HTC and would like to support them. With the 30 day return policy, I am willing to give them a shot. Now lets see!!

hardyman says:

it only over exposed in raw file

Chun Chan says:

Can’t be more BS, unsubscribe.

Αντώνης Δρόσος says:

Samsung galaxy s8 has 10 minuite limit mark for 4k video recording. I saw myself on a display unit on an electronics store.
This is retarded. I get why they do this, they afraid the post proccesing of a huuuuuge video file, but still this is retarted for 2017

bigmaxcc says:

Don’t hate me the best phone right now ip7 plus nd LG G6

Horia Mărginean says:

After Michael Fisher left, I had mixed feelings about Juan, but it turns out he’s a really good reviewer and his videos are really enjoyable to watch. The guy’s a pro.

Avish Khera says:

Which stylus do you use?

hidenproductions says:

This is far from perfect. I see at least the S8 and Xperia XZ Premium being better than that, but each phone has something special to boast, and here that is the audio experience – recording audio, playback on speakers and headphones – top notch. You forgot to mention the “audio zoom” feature, which is amazing. Otherwise, I’m looking forward for the … new Pixel. The current one has one of my favourite cameras, even though I haven’t had one.

Aaron Glisson says:

Already bought it in silver!!!

Tentacular says:

Thank you for being so much more objective than the always bullshit BSoMark! I always appreciate the thorough work you put into these reviews!

timrock11 says:

still not up to par with the s8…

solly karsenti says:


ezakustam says:

Finally got the chance to test the U11, and it doesn’t seem to have 60 FPS in any mode. Since it can do 120, it would have been easy to implement. Why on Earth would HTC skip such a feature that’s standard in top selling flagship phones? (Especially when the camera is supposed to be this phone’s primary claim to fame?)

SimonSenpai says:

Lol i waited for this video and I am 3 days late. :O Your camera revies are the best. For me the camera is one of the most important things on a smartphone, so I love your cameera videos. 😀

Peter Hayton says:

They seem to have a good setup but I wonder if more polish is still needed on software? Could HTC benefit from an update to help with that exposure issue? Really I’m wondering if we can call this enough to help HTC succeed when at this segment they really could use smarter processing such as that used but the iPhone and Pixel (considering HTC’s chosen market segment and desire to complete with such devices)?

Tom M says:

Great, detailed camera review.

Jeffrey Dubinsky says:

@pocketnow where do I buy one of those trashcan trees as seen at the park? 7-ish minute mark

rotimi kayode says:

Megapixel Megapicle

Christopher Yeoh Kok Seong says:

I feel the part where you try to recover the over exposed picture should not use the same exposure gain if the goal is to see which phone can recover the overblown parts.

Uncle Eugene says:

dislike, another samsung commercial

DT B says:

HTC U11: Very good but not the best. Pixel is still better.

rahat special says:

auto mode is much better then pro

deadworms says:

waiting for the xz premium camera review

Piyath Alawatte says:

Another HTC bashing pathetic biased review by PN sponsored by Samsung…

Bobby Roberts says:

looks like little improvement for smartphone photography this year. I put all my hope on pixel 2.

Khari Secario says:

Too much “but” in the review. Not an honest review after all. Maybe a lil bit biased

King Enriquez says:

whenever a new flagship is released, i always wait for pocketnow to release their real camera, and real audio review. reaaaaaallly good reviews, nice job guys, keep up the good work.

Jose R says:

This is a “Real Camera Review” yet this guy didn’t bother to include any samples of the 360/zoom audio recording? Oh I get it, Pocketnow prefers Samsung because they receive review units from Samy and more views and likes from the copysung fans…

Thomas De Winter says:

These are the only (smartphone) camera reviews I really trust. No bias, extensive testing and most importantly, somebody who knows what he’s talking about. You have so many youtubers who “review” phones but actually have no idea what to look for when taking pictures. Once again nicely done!

AstroMagic says:

Are there still after the buzz videos? Would love to see this phone on it.

Eddie S says:

Great phone, but when the HTC 10 and S8 share the same DxO score, I know to disregard that metric all together.

vito fiore says:

I feel like no one cares about HTC lmao

Nikola Tsonchev says:

They were on the right track with the 10 but now they fucked it up again…

Boss says:

Juan, excellent review as always. Your informations are absolutely great and helpful for our daily basis. I, just wanna say one thing though:.

You guys in pocketnow are kicking it in reviews quality. I just feel that your videos are a little bit too “classic”in terms of cinematography. When I look at other channels I see that their videos are more “eye-catching”. I know that they use fancy equipments and everything, but I feel that adding this kind of shooting to your channel, together with your excellent reviews will make this channel go to the top!

Anyways, you guys are great.

Jose R says:

Ok, this guy only bases most of his opinions on flower shots? Where are the portraits, indoor shots, animals, etc, more photos of other subjects. Video with 360 recording? Where is all that?

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