HTC U11 Camera Review: Best mobile camera 2017?

HTC U11 camera review: The U11 packs HTC’s fresh UltraPixel 3 camera, but is it one of the best mobile snappers of 2017? Here’s our full HTC U11 camera review after a week of testing, including photo and video samples so you can decide for yourself.

While the new U11 flagship phone from HTC packs a whole host of enticing features to win your hard-won bucks, it’s the camera tech that really caught our eye. Last year’s HTC 10 sported one of the best mobile shooters of its time and now the HTC U11 seems to continue that good work in style.

Specs-wise you can expect a 12-megapixel camera with fast autofocus, f/1.7 aperture lens and optical image stabilisation. HTC’s new HDR Boost feature claims to offer solid contrast with no shutter delay, while you can shoot RAW images and up to 4K resolution video too.

Check out our in-depth U11 camera review and camera comparison vs the S8, iPhone 7 Plus, Pixel and XZ Premium at Recombu,com.

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Maximilan Williams says:


Gate Crasher UK says:

S8 destroys this HTC piece of Shite

_ says:

great review

StyrbjornStarke says:

Comparison to S8 please.

lcl1101 says:

htc u11 is best

Bao Pico says:

hold on wait 4 XZ pre and nokia 9

Giorat23 says:

Still no android phone can compite with iPhone 7 Plus camera

Aaron Christian Lim says:

third !!!

Dhani Álvarez says:

Best camera ever

mustafa jhd says:

did this phone record video with 60fps??????

cosmix bomb says:

xz vs htc camera showdown

erik daddo says:

htc u 11 rox samsung s8 sux

atl3630 says:

THANKS for mentioning the shutter speed and how it’s good at capturing those always moving kiddos! It’s an important aspect of a camera and it seems most reviews just ignore that aspect in favor of aspects of photography that don’ actually matter that much.

SavageArfad says:

The jerkiness will be fixed with an update.

jonah travisano says:

Nice …. the U11 looks to be a winner…

carot2003 says:

Audio distortion level would be interesting please..

Alam Bebar says:

wipe the phone please before you review it

Midget Riot Ninja says:

no red one, click bait #fail.

John Caban says:

You do a great job on videos. Been watching every review from you about this phone ( i pre ordered it). This phone will be replacing my Pixel. Keep up the good job on your videos.

amine tiar says:

the worst camera review ever

Shane Horne says:

best camera in videos or iphone 7 and 7 plus lg g6

amine tiar says:

try to learn from pocketnow

J C says:

Can you set long squeeze to start video recording?


But can you watch 4K HDR? 😀 😀

Vitali Riskin says:

but what if you put a case on it?

Enlil Gods says:

best mobile vamera lg g6 and s7 edge

qevoh says:

Does this phone have an RGB led, i mean a you able to change diffrent le colors ?

kyohachi says:

lol.. oneplus 5 is gonna rekt this

Vandrefalk says:

What annoys me, just like with the HTC 10, is that with video capture you can change the resolution but NOT the framerate. GAH! Sometimes I do want the ability to choose between 24, 30 or 60 FPS; as it comes in handy!

maxmavrick7 says:

Clicked hoping its that unique red colour

Kyle Ruggles says:

Great review! looks like an awesome phone but! @3:16 you guys need to put a notice that “This camera or the frame rate conversion causes this stuttering/skipped frames effect” Because I find it kinda strange every time I watch your video’s, you NEVER EVER bring it up, and this is a big issue if you want SMOOTH video right?

Sorry a lil rant there but.. great review! just clean that screen once in awhile, kinda hard to see it when the screen looks like you just had a slice of pizza in your hand.

billylai6 says:

hi, does the u11 provide long exposure option like over 20 seconds???

Miheer Poradiya says:

maybe those squeze won’t work in case…

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