HTC 10 Real Camera Review: We waited for an update…

The HTC 10 is a work in progress. At the time this video was produced, it was still only available for pre-order, and units had not yet shipped to consumers. Given that reviewers had access to pre-release software, we wanted to see how HTC would respond to early criticisms focused on camera performance. Now that new software has arrived, has HTC cleaned up the camera output? Here’s our full review of the camera on the HTC 10!

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Unlimited Blade Works says:

When is the software update coming if I got my HTC 10 from Bell in Canada?

Shahed Rasul says:

solid camera review sir….

NightOrchid says:

Brilliant Review… You answered all my questions I had about the camera.. and it looks good.. FINALLY HTC Im coming back.. Picking my 10 up soon

kyle sousa says:

Great review as always, Juan. Love this phone, glad the camera doesn’t disappoint over all

GrinningDemon says:

Great review, I appreciate how thorough it is and how much work you put into it. Thank you!

Михаил Ш. says:

Grrreat! Thanks guys! The first honest review!

pi_flavor says:

“Ultra pickles”

MrWalker1000 says:

anyone know who makes the lenses for htc? im guessing sony.

cmonson80 says:

News alert, it’s a cell phone. If you want to take spectacular photos, purchase a Nikon or Cannon

leonsdada1 says:

Great in depth review.. Thanks!

Dhaval D says:

There is a problem with camera app. it bumps up screen brightness to full 100% no matter you’re indoor or outdoor. it just kills eyes and battery. Further it takes lot of time to revert back after closing camera app.

yundaime07 says:

is there a new camera review for the htc 10 with the upgraded soware for the camera??? can u pls review it in your gadgetguy channel,even if not in pocketnow.?

Xeon Signal says:

Hey! Does the htc 10 have support for 60 fps video playback? I want those smooth videos like the iphone.

Games 4 Days says:

this camera just got another update on June 6th. waiting for someone to do a video on it bc the auto focus is insanely good now. it’s seems way better. maybe I’ll make a video and upload it to show you guys. it’s a pretty sick camera.

Shahan Aziz says:

It’s frustrating to increase the speed of that frustration point in the beginning.

Jared W.J.H. says:

0:20 Ultra Pickles

Ocko Ho says:

Who the fuck cares about slow Mo video ??

Thelegend 27 says:

it doesnt have 1080p 60fps video?

eLiaSDaLe says:

Does somebody know if HTC 10 Mini is coming up?? I read the april fools announcement yes.

Olek Dav says:

no “auto brk” in manyal mode to fast dial setting to work from?
in LG g4 it’s #1 using feature in manual mode.

S Eberlein says:

Photos look beautiful

MrWalker1000 says:

dxo rated this camera really high overall. So people talking shit about its camera not being as good as s7 are dumb. And the htc subscores is showing clear advantages in thigs that matter : such as texture and artifacts.

Thitigorn Jiruttigorn says:

I just want you to know the with last update that just released, the camera is significantly superior than before.
the macro, low light, focusing and etc.
if you still have a phone I want you to try it out.

Ryland Greens says:

megapickles… lol…. awesome… lol…

Vidit Sharma says:

Hey man, awesome review as always. I got my phone 2 days back but have serious focus issues. Clicking anywhere on screen doesn’t change anything. The focus never changes and I’ve to go to manual control to take a good image. I’ve installed the latest updates but still no relief. Thanks in advance for the help.

Hilal Tunçer says:

where can I get that screen pen? So cool..

Eviee xx says:

you are so adorable

Jeff Williams says:

ultra pickles.

TranceForce1 says:

As always there is NO camera audio test in concert or nightclub where most of the videos are done with phone cameras!

Joel Jaggernauth says:

Does the camera allow you to capture pictures while taking a video?

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