HTC 10 First Review: Splashy Screen, Cool Camera, Powerful Processor

The new HTC flagship goes not by One M10, it’s simply called HTC 10. But the features are all but plain: The 12 megapixels camera comes with big sensor pixels (1.55 µm), bright lens (f 1.8) as well as an optical image stabilizer (OIS). So does the front camera, including auto-focus and OIS! The Snapdragon 820 processor augurs lots of power and the 5.2″ (132 mm) screen with 1440 x 2560 pixels elated extremely on the first test. All the info + price and availability + first impressions in this hands-on video.

What do you think about the HTC 10? You next phone? Or what is it you don’t like? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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djinnwerk says:

I expected design would be litle bit more modern but anyway!!!!!!

Sayeed Mohammed says:

awesome review mate !!…just confused on the white front vs the black front, unfortunately we only got white front for the silver n gold back out here…thats a shame. Black hides the bezels wonderfully and looks slick !

Dennis Tetrault says:

this is the best phone ever from htc…I had the m 7 the camera was awful.

Vitinho Lima says:

poxa manow ! poq não tem no brasil !!! poxaaaaa

Old Salty Lady says:

I appreciate this short review/overview and comparison. very well done and objective. subbed.

v1kytor says:

Perfect video, thank you

Momo Ibraheem says:

“Flagschiff” alles klar ……. . 100% Deutscher

Mauricio Juárez says:

looks like a l phone,naaaaaa

Saad Omer says:

I tested the m10 vs s6 edge and the s6 is overall much better. …the m10 battery is proper proper shit. You have to charge that phone at least 2wice to make it last the entire day. The s6 lasts me the entire day and more and I’m using navigation, Internet, camera, and playing a couple of games. I got print shots of the s6 lasting typical 14hours and when I’m not using the maps and navigation I can get 21hours out of it. Even on charging s6 much much faster. When loading certain game the HTC may be a split second faster to load up. However while playing games the HTC gets very hot and the s6 is just cool through out..another thing the camera the s6 is much more detailed. Even in the dark the HTC has a tiny bit more depth of detail in a picture but not noticeable different . But during day time picture or video s6 takes it out. The only thing the HTC is great on is the boom sound.. Yes it’s amazing and loud. But the main problem is in the night you don’t want to disturb anyone with the sound and HTC is too loud even on the lowest volume. I’m a htc man I loved the m7 and found the m8 and m9 to not have significant improvement . I believe the s6 .s7 is the leader of all phones in this day and age …and I’m very happy that I have kept the s6. The battery is sooooo sooooo amazing . The performance and speed is amazing and the quality of the device is epic. it looks and feel amazing. Htc is disappointing and I’m upset that the phone I loved is not up to parr anymore. If your thinking of a phone to get, look at the Samsung as I’m sure they are the leaders for now.

sublimegolf26 says:

I like the white front. What region is that for?

Vaibhav Shah says:

Ewww that fingerprint sensor looks so out of place and shape. Couldn’t they just put a round one on the back?

Owen Baldacchino says:

Does the micro sd card tray slot accepts a second nano sim card as well ?

MARSEL Fah says:

really really terrible

king jeggy! says:

your voice is just like animal planet documentaries

TheWolf says:

they should have put the button on the back and the speakers back to the front the phone looks ugly also the sharp edges makes it ugly I think it sucks tbh

Sal Bahia says:


Armed Pete says:

A typical issue of aluminum covered with its colouring.

I fear that its sharp edges are vulnerable to dents. The dents are even more visible to the black version of htc.

Aside from that it’s a brilliant phone with a remarkable audio quality, good display, great camera, great build, great durability and its snappy responsiveness.

Nice video! Great review!

Sam Cooney says:

I have the M8S and I love it. This appears to be a great phone also. However, there is some small things such as the camera and speakers that, although are very innovative, don’t seem as good as the M9 and M8. Nonetheless, HTC make great devices and I’ll definitely stick with them with my next upgrade.

GUGU E. Michaels says:

meant “love so much”

Angry Dergon says:

You lost me with the 10 because of the physical home button, only reason i got the m9.

Mariano Molina says:

I don’t like it!! I like the LG G5 better than this one!

Khaled says:

don’t believe sound is better in HTC 10,
I just bought HTC 10, my HTC M8 one has better sound 10 times
very disappointed 🙁

GSUS HC says:

pile of shit. says:

Where to get front back version in UK? Is it available?

Dracula Reloaded says:

i want HTC desire 816 dual sim design with more powerful processor and metal body … I love the two front speakers in HTC desire 816

Daan Ruder says:

why is the butten on the side

Jorge Alkrazar says:

anyone else notice it concept looks a bit like the galaxy phones? etc the home button pads

Muhammad Abdullah Qazi says:

phone sucks but your video was amazing.

Girl Gaming says:

your sound is like chinese soldier in generals game .. good review thanks

Devon Ellis says:

Are you still able to download music from YouTube and it be in your music folder on this phone? My htc one m8 crashed, and it did all of that and would hope this phone does the same? Also does it have audio evolution mobile to be able to cut music? Please help. That would be helpful before my upgrade in a month.

Bambino Di Affari says:

No more dual front speakers?! No OLED? Fuck this… get a Samsung Note 5 and never go back

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