HTC 10 Camera Review!!!

The HTC 10 has two cameras with OIS, a front 5MP with OIS F1.8 stop and a rear Camera 12MP Ultrapixel with OIS. Lets see how well it fairs

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Harison says:

these intel adverts are pissing me off

Jack Phillips says:

Can you tap the screen to take a photo like the previous One range? Thanks

NJ K says:

One thing i dont get is its slightly blurry compared to the s7, it has pretty much identicle specs tho, and a higher pixel density. Why is it still blurry? especailly when zooming in..

NJ K says:

Love the headphones in the background. Btw, getting the HTC in a few days, im looking forward to knocking it around a few times, and it not cracking in a split second like s7..

Ali Bozkurt says:

bok gibi aq

juss7111 says:

Camera seems slow to launch compared to the S7, what is your experience? Have they released any updates to speed it up?

Johnny Dwyer says:

is this a camera review with some of the software updates or before updates?

Rhoneil H says:

Why does it sound like your voice is only coming from the right side during video capture?

Bufu B. says:

is it possible to create zoe videos like on the one m8? i had the chance to see the 10 and handle with it a little bit.but i couldn’t see the ZOE app. and in the gallery i also didn’t see anything to create a zoe video

sasiskas says:

just a different pair of headphones for every day of the month…cause why not

NETVO TV says:

Make a camera comparison between iPhone SE/6S and HTC 10!

Tim Reed says:

Win a HTC 10!

indigoal3n says:

All those headphones man, lol, can you create an audio profile on 10 for all of those? hehehe, probably!!! amazing, BOW TO THE KING SAMSUNG, APPLE, GOOGLE!!!

Andrew Iliyn says:

very good

Jason Booth says:

It’s strange that they haven’t included a Dis/Ois hybrid solution on the front. The m9 had Dis on the front camera and it works really well. This would basically make this the most steady front facing camera out there. No exposure compensation on the front also seems like an odd omission IMO.

debb c says:

thank you for the review. 🙂

Andrew Thompson says:

what’s it like for recording live music?

T'was an old username and I'll change it soon. says:

***Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.***

It is sad that this video has so many likes, when this guy is not savvy about cameras in any way/shape/form.
The incorporation of the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) does not mean that your photos will “be better” (vague description of yours) and do better in low-light. Better quality photos come from a good blend of megapixels and (more importantly) the sensor of the camera itself. HTC’s trademark: the “Ultrapixel” camera is HTC’s core claim for doing well to capture light.
OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), as it’s name suggets, reduces blur in still photos and shaky video footage.

Like my comment if you believe in preventing misinformation.

Dhanabol Pradipdham says:

I think the software is still not there. The pictures look flat to me, compared with Samsung Galaxy S7.

Mattias Ghanem says:

Oneplus x is the best phone. Buy it at Aliexpress with free shipping

Minh Pham says:

3:23 I’m not 100% certain about the lighting condition in that photo, but I’ll definitely not call that a good low light photo!

cys243ssc says:

backlit photos looks pretty bad to me

jimmy cychowski says:

I take it you enjoy your headphones…lol explains the htc10! audio quality should be top notch, I love my headphones also got to many to mention… good video like to know what you think about the htc10 through the headphone jack and the external speakers on the htc10, I’m currently using a htc m7 for music and a iphone 6 plus for my daily as its battery life is great, im a heavy user and it lasts all day and then some, the m7 battery was crap at best lol,and the reason I got the iphone, I’m hoping the htc10 will last as long as my iphone 6 plus, can you give any feedback on battery life…. I want the htc10 to be the ONE!


htc 10 have a snapdragon ?

Arild Fredheim says:

NOOOO DONT JUMP! You have so much HTC to live for! xD

Typhoon792 says:

Is it possible to record video at a higher bitrate? That’s the main thing that’s really causing blocky artifacts, especially in large areas of small changes in gradient like the sky. Is this possibly an added result of YouTube compression? Thanks!

Peophones says:

Welcome Google Nexus 6PS
(dedicated for people who wants a smaller 6P, hoping to have an OIS in their camera, and a slightly faster processor)

Anton Geher says:


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