Honor View 10 Camera Review – OnePlus 5T Killer?

Buy the Honor View 10 Here : http://amzn.to/2CnMIIR

Huawei is pretty much a hardware oriented smartphone brand. They have been at the forefront of innovation for a while now and although there are several different implementations of dual cameras on smartphones now, its safe to say that Huawei was the one that popularized and perfected the whole concept. Honor, being a sub-brand is fortunate enough to be granted access to this high level of technology and innovation and the latest View 10 from Honor seems to be packing a lot of camera goodness if the specs sheet is anything to go by. However, having an impressive specs sheet and actually performing well are two different things. Let’s go and flex the camera muscles on this thing.

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Tech Thusiast says:

Great video man. Im also planning to a comparison video against the OnePlus 5T as soon as I get the View 10.


Cinematography at its best !!!! Awesome visuals man! Best ever product review ever watched !

Michael D says:

Happy new year. .

Faizan Abid says:

Can we pull down notification by swipe down the finger print sensors

Tech And Gear says:

Great Video!

Tushar D says:

is there a change that it could get eis or ois?

Begin tech says:

U r so underreated!

Bhavik Jamdar says:

I guess a comparison with oneplus 5t in in the works & Happy New year!

GāMēR NīNJA says:

*2018 will awesome year for you buddy*

manjunath manu says:

Flagship killer’s killer

ben cherian says:

Please update the review of Honor view 10 after you get first os update . First update will change many things and fix many problems right ?

TechDevoted says:

Ayy great video bro!

Sathish Mechy says:


chetan singh says:

happy new year

Sameer Saha says:

which is overall better Nokia 8 or This?

TheReal Sprint says:

Yeah I ordered it yesterday and now I’m really nervous to get it as soon as possible. Thought the cam isn’t very good, especially in low light, because of lack of the OIS but yes your samples seem promissing. Thumbs up!

Imrana Begum says:

I subscribed to ur channel after i saw the v10 review as i was condused between v10 and 5t

Pavan G Bagalkoti says:

Happy new year with bang on camera review as always cool charismatic review …the phone looks stunning and so do features well hoping it’s not priced high!!!

Deepakh Srinivasan says:

Should I buy the Moto g5 plus for 10000 or wait for Redmi 5 plus?? BTW happy new year!

Vishal Giri says:

cameras r amazing on this beast, that portrait mode and the dynamic range is amazing, definitely the OnePlus 5T killer!!

Tushar D says:

Such a brilliant review. Much more better than famous chutiyas like sharmaji and others. You guys are the one i’m going to look upto from now onwards..

Siddhant says:

Sir i love ur presentation and animations in videos!also happy new year

Sanjay arsenal says:

How about a camera comparison with OP5T? Thanks.

Gourab Ghosh says:

Happy New Year Sandeep. May this year brings you a major success.

Andro Punk says:

Awesome video man! ♥

deadpool 511 says:

u surely need more than 11k subs u deserve more

sahabaz kazi says:

Plz suggest a phone under 20k.

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