Honor 8 Camera Review – Flagship Cameras?

In this video let’s take a close look at the camera performance of the dual 12MP rear and the 8MP front facing camera of the Honor 8 from Huawei.

Where to buy the Honor 8 from:

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Guoda Sileikaite says:

Hi. Maybe you guys tried HiCare app on Huawei Honor 8? Does it give the 3month free screen replacement warranty on this phone model?

Avinash Kaushik says:

Sir is honor 8 camera better than that of one plus 3???

shubham mishra ji says:

thanks keep be updated

Roman Minárik says:

Really nice! Its better than LG G3 or G5?? super…. (name of musics please?) 😀

Kevin Tech says:

Shocking!!! When a lovers found Sunder annan is shooting videos…they stopped the romance and ran away………..

TechLineHD says:

reviewing this phone at the moment. A great device overall. The full review is coming out soon!

joni rao says:

can u plzzz tell me what it is having better camera than iphone 6

Biswajit Das BT says:

background music is bogus

nikolas adm says:

great review sir,in your opinion which has the best camera the s7 or this phone ?

ashar mughal says:

amazed by honor 8 camera performance specially colour reproduction is very good .

Joseph N. Francis says:

Should i wait for the Honor 8 to launch or go for Nexus 5X 32GB? Since i think Honor 8 will be launched with a pricing close to 25k and the nexus costs 26k. Which would be better considering camera performance, ease of use and updates?

Akbar Raza Syed says:

Dude why are copying ash… Already bored with his exactly same way on every video.

健造秦 says:

Hey there

Think you should do camera comparison between Honor 8 against the other “budget” flagship phones aka One plus 3, Axon 7 and then compare it again to the higher priced devices such as S7, iPhone 7.

Would like to see the result.

harsh bhardwaj says:

Which one has better camera honor 8, moto g4 plus or zuk z1.

MrJustNot says:

Quite unprofessional review to be honest.

bhanu sharma says:

sundar vs ash which is better I feel ash

Đark Moyan says:

lol the couple in the park was fighting! hahahha
bTW, camera is kinda good .

龚黄 says:

honor 8。blue is so cool ,But out of stock。Chinese people are all in the rush to the blue phone。Blue appearance makes it very unique and attractive

Khans Khan says:

what about front facing camera Flash does Honor 8
has flash in front facing or no ????

jebin jebi says:

compare honor 8 with asus zenfone 3….if possible do a camera camparision…..

rajat shukla says:

Hey Buddy Sunder, Its a great video. I like your explaining skills, keep posting more videos. Love your voice.

Sanket Jain says:

Compare the camera with Oneplus 3.

al shihab says:

whois song this is

seattledutch says:

What’s the flare coming from at the start of the video? Looks not too good.

Biswadeep Majumder says:

which one would u suggest purely on picture quality ..oneplus 3 or honor 8? pls suggest. thanx

Green Minded says:

nice eyes

Noyal C Cherian says:

not good in photography at all 😛 hehehe

The Geekz says:

Sundar sir do you play badminton. I saw you wearing a yonex t shirt that is a badminton equipment brand

muhammad Khan says:

kindly could you plz tell me how to remove timer from front camera

brown bobby says:

A communist phone they Should call

Sabi says:

galaxy s6 or honor 8

Mohamed Naufal says:

Better than op3?

codenamearun says:

Video stabilisation option available in 1080p 30fps,not available in 60fps


wow sundar reviewing new phone impressing……

maged sabbagh says:


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