Honor 6X Review – BEST Budget DUAL Camera Smartphone 2017

A new budget dual Camera phone for 2017 – The Huawei Honor 6X : https://goo.gl/bKHJF3 subscribe for videos on a regular base ++ http://techmagnet.yt ++ More Honor news on : http://www.honornews.de/
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Honor phones are some of the best mid-range mobiles around, offering impressive value for money, and the last to be launched in 2016 is the Honor 6X. This feature-packed phone offers quite a lot for a rather slender asking price and is hitting UK stores in January 2017.

Here’s all you need to know, including Honor 6X specs, UK price and release date.


Sambarta Banerjee says:

Does it has any glass protection for scratches?


I am sure this is a biased review.The Mali830 GPU is crap.

Nasrulla Khan says:

Honor 6x or redmi note 4?
Planing to buy one of them.Little confused. .

Sanket Jain says:

Hey, how is the display quality compared to Redmi note 4?
Also, is the rear camera(only in stills) as good as the Oneplus 3?

187nellybelly says:

What action game is that at 5:09 ?

Sam Entertainment says:

Can we use VR for 6x????

Nasrulla Khan says:

Suggest one good tempered glass for honor 6x


if u have huawei 6x kingly guide me. I am very much upset. just bought a new phone. the edges of pic and text blurs when secroll… either up or down… and the edges goes most red when scroll.. please guide me. is it the big in this model or just my device issue

newfarmer says:

Hey, which Smartphone under 300 bugs should I buy? Should I buy the Honor 6x, the ZTE Axon 7 Mini or the Lumia 950 XL? Which of these or which smartphone under 300 bugs would you recommend most?

Kumar Vikash says:

Great review, and a great phone!
Fast charge should have been a must!
When it comes to budget segment, everything is available at a cheap price now – you can have a decent processor, better than flagships RAM, decent 1080p display, good battery. But one thing the budgets cannot tame is the Camera, and this is where these phone makers can make a difference. I have my Note 5, and the camera is just something you cannot get at half the price, it’s a damn expensive module.
Great stuff, in future may be add OIS, with good sensor and there you go!

abhijeet ghadge says:

which camera clarity better honar 6x or coolpad cool 1

Adil Altaf says:

is this better than sony xperia z3+ or not

mix gamers 10 says:

i buy this its cool

Gis B says:

Should I buy a Blu Life One X2 (64gb+4gb ram; $199.99) or the Honor 6x (32gb+2gb ram; $249.99)? The Blu phone seems to have a 16mp camera and the Honor 6x has a 12mp+2 mp camera, but I’m still stuck in a dilemma on which phone is better to use for a couple of years.

Meta says:

what was that Rpg looming game you played?

Skyice Albert says:

if i buy this phone from China~ can i use at Malaysia?

Tahir Mehar says:

plz do p9 lite vs honor 6x plz plz

Ajinkya Pujari says:

Looks Good


waiting for your kind response? plz guide which one is better specially durable. oppo F1s or honor 6x? thanks 🙂

Romesh Singh Raju says:

should i buy moto m or wait for this to launch in my country (india)

Hamza Ijaz says:

sir which is best kn performance , camera result ?????? P9 LITE OR 6X ????? And tell me please can we download more themes in 6x through internet ???

Joseph Shen says:

I loved your review

El John Peji says:

Would you recommend this over the P9 Lite?

Sir Usman says:

does it have creen protection like gorilla glass or any other scratch-less screen?

Sri Kar says:

hi tech magnet, hows the audio quality via headphone jack?

Naeem Hasan says:

Great phone Who’s car game you are playing

nikhil kumar says:

which controller you were using to play mc5 in the video

Raj bharathi says:

These are the best budget dual camera phones available in the market now. Check out this link


how hope u fine I purchased honor 6x . but I am facing an issue. as I scroll down or up. the black text while moving up or down blur and show some shades. I just wanna ask that is it the by default issue or my mobile have problem.

Matt Dargis says:

Definatly have to put a new launcher on this thing. Those icons are UGLY.

Abhishek Anshuwali says:

I am currently having 5X Should I go For This? I bought 5x at 13k 16 GB nd Now In India it is available for 13k What should I Do?


Hello, nice work bro. i am going to buy a phone, but confused which one. can you please suggest which one? either oppoF1s or Honor 6x?

Rishav Singh says:

honor 6x vs cool 1 dual….
which one you prefer for camera??

aditya gupta says:

best review ever…btw what was the third game that u played?

Hugo Capucho says:

The Honor 6X in Europe have NFC?

FGAS says:


Utkarsh Chaudhary says:

does it have gyroscope?
i read on the internet that it does not ; but in some reviews on youtube they showed it has.
can you please confirm?

Gourav Kumar says:

how about its battery backup

Khaled Anis says:

how can i pay joystick at 4:58

Manu Manoj says:

awesome review covered every point……….

Jay Charles says:

how is this phone with Snapchat?

gardnerdean says:

How long will the battery last before it needs to be replaced? 500 hours like a typical battery? I don’t like how it’s so much trouble to replace the battery, but it still seems like a good phone for $250 US.

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