Hasselblad X1D – 50MP Medium Format Mirrorless Camera Review!

Holy moly that’s a long title! I test out this $9000 medium format digital camera in 60 min race against the car park attendant!

X1D body only: https://bhpho.to/2BOkrZb
Hasselblad 45mm lens: https://bhpho.to/2CXgktm
X1D 4116 Edition: https://bhpho.to/2BSLNO9
Hasselblad 90mm lens: https://bhpho.to/2CY1zGN

Blue Wednesday: http://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday
Esbe – Darling https://soundcloud.com/esbe1988/darling
Dezaulait – Remedy https://chillhop.bandcamp.com/track/remedy
Mo Anando – In Bloom https://soundcloud.com/moanando/in-bloom


Štěpán Rothanzl says:

hi daddy

Mitch says:

That camera is a dream!
Great quality of image. Love it and great review as well.

Arif Varelino says:

Your videos are getting better and better

Freeze Gamer says:

ive been there too 😉 very cool location

Demento says:

Hi guys do u think i should get the kit lens for canon T6i or getting the prime lens 1.8?

semay buket says:

You said Hasselblad, i said OMG!

M7CVZ says:

Why would H bother with K ? K is not serious, ever. What’s up with his fingers? Does he clean them in acid? Please put some gloves on. 5:30, waiting for that wave to come up and take the tripod, camera, and all. 7:10 what?

Usama Tariq says:

please do a review on Metabones Speedbooster

Oksan Yudistira says:


Mike Whiles says:

Camera known for issues, lenses no longer Zeiss or Fuji – check out Angry Photographer for a reason why pretty well all the YouTube guys are reviewing it at the same time and of course despite issues they all love… But of course…


Saint H 🙂

Peter Samson says:

Great review, and I appreciate your sense of humour.

nitrowad says:

Let me ask you one question that we’re all interested in hearing the answer – how does it compare to Fuji GFX? 🙂

Deniz Erdem says:

I’m not keen on his street work but he takes pretty good landscape shots.

Antonio Martins says:

Kai, I want to thank you for being the one who made me get more into photography (DigitalRev refugee here) and for inspiring me to keep on going on shooting.
It’s been a fair long time since I’ve seen any of your videos, and since the last time I’ve watched one I’ve been experiencing a fair amount of laziness and absence of will to go out and take photos; But I’ve recently (last night) saw one of your recent videos and that inspiration came back to me, and now I want more like I’ve never wanted before to go out and make some shots.
Thanks, Kai. Thanks for saving my passion from disappearing.

Blark Dexture says:

Junk camera

Peizxcv says:

That’s the set missing from The Camera Store.

Paul Batchelor says:

I’ll lend you mine if you fancy using it for more than an hour Kai!


Great video from drone

streetsideguitarman says:

An affiliate program just started giving extra $$s for pushing hasselblads and looky look Ken is on the job.

Jonathan Jaquess says:

This is the Top Gear of Camera channels

Omar Cruz Garnica says:

Hey Kai cool video! What backpack is that? 😛 minute 2:37 , I totally love that color!

sumant kanala says:

Hello.Kai. Great videos are usual. uick question-Which camera are you filming your episodes on?

Shashi Haresh says:

Can u make a review about canon 77d

david appleton says:

i think you need to dump the GH5 ….4K looks shit OOF

glass popper says:

That chinese guy hastn got any tecnical idea of photography, not talking about creativity, he is a complete zero.

dumptonpark says:

Merry Christmas Cool Dude

herranton1979 says:

WTF Hasselblad… 9 grand for ugly ass bokeh.

Somar Graphics says:

Maybe one day I will be able to sell my kidneys, liver and heart, to be able to buy one of these.

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