GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera | FULL REVIEW

It’s the time of the year again when GoPro sends me their latest GoPro, 7 days before it’s official release to the public. Here’s my hands on and full review on this action sports camera, the GoPro Hero 7 Black. It’s definitely the best GoPro ever made!

See my India Ladakh Travel Cinematic video filmed with GoPro here:

My Viral GoPro Selfie Video here:

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iceman 111011 says:

I know that spot at 1.30 min mark…went through a crazy road trip few years ago

MTB ALAN says:

Thanks for the details and update. Question: Does the Hero7 offer HyperSmooth stabilization in 4:3 for either 2.7K or 4K (whatever frame rate)? Thanks!

John Iwuji says:

I buy mine today is cost here in Switzerland 450 Swiss franc equals to 450 dollar

Jeff Loucks says:

Battery life with hypersmooth on. Nobody is talking about this !

Ma Ka Turk says:


Ivan Lee says:

$400 in ur country but RM1869 in my country….omg momento…

Phantom Rides says:

Battery life is always a bummer for vloggers and I wouldn’t call it a gimbal killer. My Osmo mobile does awesome hyperlapses.

Nando says:

you had to update the gopro to make the hypersmooth at 4k 60fps

Ahmad Zaki Zaman says:

Hi mr.Alex.
Im from malaysia. I just book pre-order gopro hero 7 black same just like you own it. Nice and thank for full review on gopro hero 7. I cant wait to get mine. I heard it will be marketed mid-October.

Crazy food travailler channel says:

I have sold my GoPro hero 5 today so I am going to buy GoPro hero 7 trommarow….I am feeling happy…

Richard Steeples says:

What the best if you want to recorded interview or filming doe it still have fish eye

zazzle777i says:

They have way different audio

PJ Slots says:

I have been watching all the GoPro family members review. There are a lot of you who tried to be first. All the reviews are pretty consistent and that is good. I placed my order and bought more stock in GoPro. as of today, the price is up over $1 for me. 🙂 If you only stick with 1 GoPro7 and use other GoPro’s, will you suffer some quality differences? Since the color is a little off between each camera. Thanks for sharing.

Simplified lessons says:

Alex where are you ( currently) ??

Wisska 1 says:

The HDR picture isn’t good, look at your arm, 8:36

Gary Gavina says:

I’ll wait for hero 8,with better, improved, “certified” gimbal feel.

giorgos zampetas says:

Nice video.. but gopro 7 black is just a firmware upgrade of gopro 6 guys..

FlikPaintsStuff says:

have you tried the HDMI out? is it clean with no text etc over it? wondering if its usable for streaming with OBS etc

Dustin Borglin - Philippines says:

I just ordered mine today! Going on a 6 month trip with it can’t wait!

kris tierney says:

So how does the hero 7 know it has after market batteries in it?

Rachel in Real Life says:

I’m all ears and you haven’t even gotten into the review! Excellent job selling yourself by pointing out; the kiosk motorcycle video, GoPro sending you a new model each year, and the fact that you’ve used all of them since the beginning. To me, this is valuable experience.

Christopher Kropat says:

Sky looks soooo fake – same for GoPro6… Colors in GoPro5 looked soo much better, not totally oversaturated and burnt out… very sad, unusable for me 🙁

Fun and Random Things says:

The 7 definitely has better audio as well. That’s good

Ricardo Lourizela says:

Hi mate! We have some things in common: medicine (although I’ve finished my degree and I’m currently finishing my specialty), the love for motorcycles (although I only ride Japanese bikes and I’d never touch an Enfield, because reliability) and the love for motovlogging. Have you ever used the Sony FDR-X3000? The OIS is miles better than the EIS of the last GoPro, I’m curious as to how it compares to this new one with the HyperSmooth thing turned on. Cheers.

Sajal Sharma says:

Can it be used by power bank when battery is down , I mean charging plus shooting at the same time and if yes does it get heated??

Chris Lonsberry says:

Sounds like they rolled off the lows on the audio. Sounds significantly better. I’ve got 2 6 Blacks. Both cracked screens inside the warranty period and I was thinking about picking up a couple of Sessions. But I may have to get a 7 Black too. The biggest selling point GoPro has for me over all the cheaper clones is image stabilization and it looks even better now. I am pretty excited to play with the hyperlapse though. I kinda hate that the third party batteries don’t work. Or.. maybe they’ll come up with compatible versions. It looked like that’s what they did last time but I’m guessing from what I read.

Rohit Khilnani says:

lovely review! v helpful

Dashan Sheying says:

Curious what you use to edit videos. Thx.

sum gt says:

10 to 15 percent improvement in stabilization? Are you nuts, its at LEAST 20 percent or higher.

TJ2EPIC says:

They dont play your motorcycle video anymore

fondoo says:

7 audio is perfect for me!

T0BBi94 says:

Comparing which FLAT settings look the best between cameras is useless. You use FLAT to color grade, you said it yourself. The purpose is to have a blank canvas to manipulate.

Dulan Anuradha says:

Super slow mo available or not in gopro 7 ?

Sagar Shahi says:

Can we shoot raw videos in This..??


Please give me a any GoPro please

Mr ARM says:

Hi Alex, help me to decide to buy Gopro Hero 7 Black or Canon Gx7 ii
I have seen a travel video in Rome, shot with Gopro 7, all the Building and Churches in the video are distorted. My question is , is it possible ti minimize this distortion to zero percent or there will be a certain amount of distortion in all gopro videos ?

Lena Samaan says:

To be honest this is the best review I’ve seen. You seem to have put in a lot of time and effort into this and I think we all appreciate it:) The difference between the two sold me.

ConnorFXDB says:

super excited for your review! I first found your channel short while back with your gopro 5 vs 6. Solid reviews straight to the point with some comparisons of previous models. Cheers and thanks for the video!

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