Google Pixel XL – REVIEW (w/ s7 and iPhone 7 Camera compares)

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Google Pixel XL review

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Jonathan Schiller says:

I need help:Should I get the ,,normal” Pixel or is the extra money for the XL worth it? And also: Do I need 128 GB or are 32 just enough?

Dastan Soleimani says:

Its not plastic . Its glass . Dumb ass

Boaz Thomassie says:

7:48 pixel is way better

Sporty Stormer says:

I wondering which one I should get: Pixel XL or Nexus 6p

Alex Harms says:

No iPhone 7plus review??

Jay t says:

this dude is a samchung fan boy by the sounds of it

Tafadzwa Madamombe says:

Where did you get your wallpaper, the one with the flower?

Daisuken says:

Xiaomi MiBand 2 review pretty please? I want to hear your opinion about it.

Chris Kennedy says:

This guy is in Charlotte NC?

Mrwhosetheboss says:

AWESOME REVIEW! Your audio sounds better!

Prasanth S says:

Dope wallpaper

Mingding Wang says:

Hey man could you share a link to your wallpaper? It’s really nice looking

Haik0 says:

Man, c’mon. Bunch of wrong facts about this phone.

NETVO TV says:

Can you review the Logitech M720 mouse? it’s the smaller version of MX Master! thanks!

Robert Simmons says:

Great review Jim!

Terrence Strong says:

Are you going to review the Google Home?

Anonymou s says:

Rate JBL E50BT headphones, plzz

Debra Dukes says:

Great in Depth Review Thanks so much.Deb

Syed Tariq Shahid says:

google pixel is good compared to iphone

jay peso says:

Good review but can you square up your shoulders to the camera…I was waiting for you to throw a jab at the camera.

Gameysam Plays says:

the back of the phone is metal and glass u idiot not metal and plastic u pay 700 dollars plus for plastic

Duncan Maloney says:

last years nexus 6p and 5x were not made by HTC.

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