Google Pixel vs Galaxy S7 Camera Test + Comparison REVIEW

➜ Google Pixel:
➜ Samsung Galaxy S7:

Here’s my hands-on camera test and comparison review of the new Google Pixel phone (5-inch) vs the other top-camera-contender, Galaxy S7 (Edge). Which one comes out on top?! Keep watching!

Here are some overview thoughts and notes:
-I purchased BOTH phones myself, so don’t even try calling this one biased 😉
-FOV (field of view) is wider on the S7 while shooting video, both front and rear facing cams
-S7 photo/video are always much “punchier” with constrast and color saturation over the Pixel. This honestly comes down to personal opinion, some people love the bright vibrant colors out of the Samsung and they don’t have to edit at all – while others really like the more “natural” look of the Pixel’s flatter shooting profile, and thus more creative control in editing
-The Pixel’s HDR+ shooting is really impressive actually, works fantastic
-Stabilization: I announce the Pixel the winner in this catagory, though it’s very surprising since it’s only using EIS, while S7 has both EIS and OIS
-Slow-motion: only the Pixel can shoot in 1080p/120fps, while they both can do 720p/240fps
-Water-resistance (for shooting near or in the pool, etc): winner is S7. Kinda bummer Google left this out on this expensive/premium Pixel device
-Macro-focusing: S7 can focus at a slightly shorter distance (this is a good thing)
-Low-light tests, front facing cameras… keep watching above! 😉

Closing thoughts – let me know what you guys think down in the comments. Which one is the winner in your opinion?!

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Javaughn Carr says:

I love your videos

Kristina Šataitė says:

s 7

петър йорданов says:

s7 hands down !!!!!

Ascicouz says:

thats a nice neighborhood

angeljanai says:

Pixel’s camera has a hardware defect. You can see it easily on some photos in video. I’ll defenitely choose Galaxy S7, it has no such defect. Shame, Google, You should recall and repair it. They tried to say they’ll fix it by software update, but I think such fix should be implemented in hardware. Especially for such expensive phone.

Nilabh Sengupta says:

Pixel’s stabilised is much jittery than the S7 Edge, which looks very bad.

Theost21 says:

i seriously can’t sleep at night bc i have to choose between s7, pixel and the Mate 9 pro :/ I don’t know which to pic, the s7 is pretty old and won’t get software updates as often as pixel and mate 9 pro (because of it’s age). The pixel dosen’t seem to give to much for it’s price, basiclly to expensive. The mate 9’s camera isn’t as good as the other devices but it is cheaper than the pixel and have some extra features like expandable storage.All of them seem to be good 🙁

Peter Arvin Geronilla says:

s7 edge is better

Ahmed Al-Saeed says:

Thanks alot

Oahiduzzaman Tipu says:

s7 edge

madhav murali says:

The s7 and s7 edge has different modes which can perform better than pixels HDR+ mode and third party camera apps.

Alright see you later says:


Manohar singh says:

I would call S7 winner, mostly becoz it has that futuristic design which is compact and definitely looks cool. nice comparison btw

Javaughn Carr says:

try doing editing

TechUtopia says:

Wow, great comparison Ben, first time watching u, completely agree with u, s7 better for video and pixel for pictures… Subbing ya… peace

zakir husen shaikh says:

no match for s7

lez briddon says:

had my xl128 2 weeks and it may have to go, i like night photos, but the lens has such flare JJ Abrams’s would smile and use the unedited footage….

Sudharsan Raja says:

s7 edge is winner

Guilherme Plates says:

Pixel wins.

Marvin Santiago Hurtado Navia says:


Dani Daniel says:

you should try the pro mode on s7

Madhan Kumar says:

nice dude

Wilvin says:

These comparisons are always so weird because one phone is always months older. S7 is like 6 months older than Pixel. The S8 camera will probably be another major leap over the Pixel in most camera-related categories. Then the Pixel 2 will probably come back with major camera upgrade.

Şahabüddin Tanrıkulu says:

Megapixels dont important more than sensor size.

Fer Rivero says:


Venus flytraps says:

Thanks, that was a super great Camera Test & Comparison.
Btw I think there could be a technical difference between the two types “Galaxy S7” and “Galaxy S7 Edge”. In your headline is written S7 Galaxy but in min 4:40 you say “Galaxy S7 Edge”! Thats different ;-). Which S7 model did you really test?

Piyush V says:

dafaq 66666 subs

ouattara ousmane says:

very good video test camera

Madhan Kumar says:

nice dude

Janai Perdue says:

Everywhere I’ve seen it the s7 and the pixel are the same price. Around $650. Being ripped off on every place I look? idk

Stuart Begley says:

Should state camera comparison in title if that’s all you are comparing.

Permafrost - says:

like everyone else here I prefer S7

Josh Wentworth says:

You’re cute ❤️

Insan Kamil says:

google pixel of course.

Lalith chouhan says:

it is better is s7 iiiiiis… cool and nice

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