Google Pixel Camera Review

I promise, our Google Pixel and Pixel XL review is coming, but we want to give it the proper amount of testing. To quench that thirst a bit, how about a Pixel camera review? We’re big fans of this camera, so let us know what you think.

Pixel unboxing!
First 10 things to do!


coco codii says:

Can the video stabilization not handle smooth motion or something?

Michael Geer says:

is this in Issaquah Washington?

ZR1Terror says:

My iPhone’s camera got wrecked.

Galab Parchev says:

Great review

Newf Guy says:

Very subjective review. Not too helpful

Tuan Dang says:

is it just me or do i see it bluring for every step you take? pretty sad if this is the best stabilization in a phone yet.

Vitaly Korolev says:

Sony Xperia phones had EIS for a while now and it works just as well. And if you’re doing a camera review, it would help to see some 100% crops.

Dr. DRM says:

Thank you for the tips and video. I’ve been wondering because I bought a Pixel XL today and wanting to know the camera quality. So very good video, and thanks again.

Razorinstinct says:

A camera review without a low light test?

Maysam Kazmi says:

4:27 me when the pumpkin pie comes out

KickDownDoors says:

No thanks. This phone is overrated and excessively overpriced for its abilities. Numb nuts at Google aren’t even putting out enough XL because feedback said sales would be slow. So they sell out now of the XL, artificially keeping it out of stock. Apple and Samsung beat it handedly in all categories. I was going to buy a Note 7 (recalled, no future?) after the silly paid shill positive video reviews like this one. Look like I will wait and keep the 6P until another option arises.

Tony Gloria says:

My Galaxy S7 Active overheated and destroyed my camera. So switching over to this phone.

darkdancerman says:

why the fuck is it 4:3 default? it looks gross

Rin says:

Does anybody know which that music is?

MysteryPersona says:

whats the song

knghtcmdr says:

Can you record 1080p60 on the XL? I can’t seem to find the setting.

lez briddon says:

had my xl128 2 weeks and it may have to go, i like night photos, but the lens has such flare JJ Abrams’s would smile and use the unedited footage….

Alpha Jaguar says:

Could’ve been more comprehensive if you compared it to some other new smartphones….overall, a really beautiful video.

Riad Khan says:

I want to know with which camera u shot the video.

KeaT says:

I’m glad I got a pixel lmao

Zugy says:

the pixel looks so cool

Roman Minárik says:

1st. – Google Pixel
2nd. – Lumia 950XL
3rd. – Sony XZ
4th. – LG V20
5th. – Samsung Galaxy s7


Jalal Friday says:

Background music please!

Kid Android says:

It’s not a bad camera but not the best in a smartphone IMO, I actually think like always Google’s photos from the Nexus and now the pixel are too dark and I’m not a fan of that, I prefer the Galaxy S7 Edge or iPhone 7 Plus over the Pixels camera personally.

saim sheikh says:

Htc 10 or Pixel xl which should i buy???

Derek Kronenberger says:

I can’t stand the stabilization when moving around. It looks like it lags! If you keep the camera still, it looks great. Move side to side, it makes me cringe. OIS will always be better

KdotDot says:


Faisal Madridista says:

would i be able to take full screen photos?

Fastersonic says:

Can it record at normal speed 720p or 1080p 60fps ?

Alex K says:

i like how you filmed yourself. mind telling what camera and lens you used?

Csab says:

nice review my Sony Z3 has this video stabilization 2 years ago when the phone came out its about time Google catches up

Johonan andrew gomes says:

what camera were you using to record your self

McKinley Senders says:

Samsung user here, asking how it preform at night/low-light?

Hanniel Davalos says:

idk if I should get the google pixel or iPhone 7

Onyx Lee says:

I basically agree with everything you said, except for one thing. The EIS looks OK when you don’t really “look” at it. The frames become blurry when there is a quick and big shake. When the shaking is over or not so severer, the quality goes back to normal. This is a thing for almost all the EIS. If this phone has OIS, that will be a perfect camera. Sorry, phone. 🙂

chiomaisanne says:

I’m watching this in 480p. sad times

Nexie Syahrazad says:

what camera u use to shoot this video?

Solid Gold Divaz says:

what camera are you filming with!??

Ali Al lamy says:

كم سعره بالعراق.

Thanh Nguyen says:

That camera quality that you used for yourself is so damn CRISPY!!

yazmo says:

is the no XL as the same Camera on it?

nurhalisa najia says:

i mean the camera that he used to make this video

Malek Zalfana says:

I find this video very pleasing. Nice work.

Hemanth B S says:

can you show us lens blur?

Himanshu chamoli says:

Google pixel best device 2016

Vichit Yang says:

Dammm what sort of camera are you using to shoot that first selfie video intro at the start. OMG!

nurhalisa najia says:

wth, the stabilization is super damn freaking good……………..i’m speechless..

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