Google Pixel camera review: Does it live up to the hype?

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Google claims this is the best camera on a smartphone yet. We’re going to put this to the test and let you know what we think.
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alearg89 says:

all hail trump emperor of the americas

Bruno eduardo says:

is best than s7? at night?

tracy ellen schatzel says:

Can you do live photo like the iPhone on the Pixel?

Kartikeya K says:

I want 60 FPS back

Soybean says:

You sound like you need to swallow your spit, liked the video btw

Ry Martin says:

I’ve had the Note 7, Galaxy S7 Edge, and now I would say I prefer the pixel camera. It just looks professional.

Matt Dillon says:

it really does though.

Vuk Tomic says:

Facundo Holzmeister?

whereswaldo27 says:

why does it take pictures in 4:3 resolution? It drops to 8.3 megapixels if you put it in 16:9

Massimo Crimi says:

all way around still believe that s7 s7 edge camera is better including low light situation

Jeremy C. says:

NO, it doesn’t.

darkdancerman says:

No it does live up to the hype. For starters they state it is 12MP… yea at 4:3… who the hell shoots in 4:3?

Mathisse De Strooper says:

How is the google pixel camera compared the the 6p

Pete S says:

Who are the guys in the video

Rovindra Singh says:

This guy’s voice is more robotic than the Pixel’s image stabilization….puts me to sleep

Nana Kwame says:

Shite. Wanted to be first.

MermanIShouldTurn2Be says:

1) It’s pronounced “gif”

2) V20 also offers great manual controls. Worth mentioning no?

3) Who takes cellphone videos while walking? I see all these comparisons of walking stabilization yet I’ve never once taken a walking video. Maybe that’s just me.

Betternet says:

did you just call it… a jif!!!!

WindøwSeal says:

Google claims the pixel is the best camera anyone has ever made.i have a knepluke e better

Jordan C says:

That d-brand is tacky af

Tim K says:

So dissapointed about that phone. Sold it after 3 weeks ! Reverted back to the S7Edge, the camera is WAY better.
The Chin and bezels are even worse in real live and I got that feeling, that I can see everywhere – This phone was built in a hurry !

Thefastlane425 says:

Tell your boyfriend that platinum hair dye ain’t working for him. He looks like an even bigger pussy than boy George

Ammar says:

why bother mentioning that it’s not going to replace a dslr as if any phone is going to.

Paulson Dumbbells says:

pixel returned. lens flare destroyed it.

Disco Deoxys says:

I know this might be a dumb question, but does the front facing camera have a beauty filter at all?

Denys Freitas says:

In my opinion, S7 Edge is quite better.

jezusghoti says:

Stop putting this guy’s awful voice and pronunciation in videos.

Rushabh Dhapodkar says:

Wallpaper link please!

Jenia Brook says:

Does anyone know where can I get that cool looking skeleton ?


1:01 Well, seems that dbrand misses the Nexus 6P.

Deb Dutta says:


Nicholas Matranga says:

A JIF????

Erik Michel says:

does EIS work in apps like Snapchat?

David Cesarino says:

Nice quick review. As for me, I think it is impressive that, these days, we need to mention that a tiny camera module in a smartphone is not going to compete with a full sized, dedicated camera with huge lens. Marvelous when you take a step back to remember how things were just 10 to 12 years ago.

MrDefeater94 says:

This guy’s hand shakes so much I thought this video was sponsored by The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Roger Moore says:

your friend looks like Justin Bieber…

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