Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone X – Impressions, camera comparison & review. Time to switch?

Ex-Google tech lead the The TechLead takes a first look at Google’s new Pixel 3 versus his iPhone X, checking out the look & feel of the hardware, iOS vs Android software, and that killer camera. Is it time to switch?

Let me note that I only had an iPhone X on-hand for our comparison, although I’d loved to test against the refreshed XS, XS+, and XR line-up. The cameras on these would be mostly similar to the X, although a bit better (the sensor is a little larger, and there is a new HDR processing engine). I was also personally curious just to see how my current phone stacked up 🙂

Overall, hardware and software were very similar but I was blown away by the low-light performance of the Pixel 3’s camera. But let me know your thoughts, post in the comments below.

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gummydogs says:

Does The TechLead endorse Cheerios?

issac ting says:

is tt tech lead jr?

Brian Wang says:

SD 845 not worth it. Dated spec, slow performance especially for third party apps, ram management issue… Should wait for next gen 7nm chips.

Bill says:

Dont know about tgese two phines… Google gmail Sucksss ! joke… just stick with MS hotmail / outlook esp the phone App works great both phone and on pc and App has best MS online fast support and constant updates. gmail what a dog.. imo..
Google has good Android os and like Google Asst.. OkGoogle pretty cool.

Victor says:

Hello tech lead from the tech lead

I'm Jack's Nipples says:

Ehh, most of the made my Google products are shitty imho.

Saggit says:

It should have been a comparison between iPhone XS and Pixel 3. People will be choosing a new phone and this review could be helpful if it included the phones you would actually buy. And the camera received a significant upgrade in iPhone XS.

Brandon Tseng says:

Nowadays people switch to other phones to Apple to android and android to Apple. I guess there is no point in switching new smartphones (just waste of money as smartphones do the same thing). I think it’s better to switch a smartphone in 30 years or 40 years or more.

abhay says:

Shit’s sponsored… I already hate iPhone since I can’t afford it, I love android but hate pixel for the same reasons.. And TechLead’s savagery doesn’t suits praising something he doesn’t like himself ..

anon says:

I love iuyuio loop link gui Kennet tertiary NN hujhgrrtuikj bitch nigga

TG Huffine says:

אתה הוא אֶתּ…
You are… the *Tech* *Lead.*

מארק עוֹשֶׁר says:

Can you work from home now?

3ombieautopilot says:

But Google is always sneaking and stalking on me! Didn’t they teach you that it’s a good thing?

Don Man says:

If pixel adds headphone jacks, then I’ll buy it

Ahmed Maazouzi says:

Isn’t it pathetic that Google copied a defect!!

Marek Sławiński says:

Important to know that iPhone Xs has much better camera than X.

kosovi amar says:

shut-up your mouth bruce lee

bently qcrusade says:

Definitely pixel 3. I’m there with you. Great info and thanks for showing the features. This would be beneficial to me. Thanks again. Also your RPG Blood Lust, any improvements coming, did you pass this on and no longer manage? Many of us are still waiting. Thanks and I appreciate all the help. You the man!

Sumanto Pal says:

First person who uses hangouts

Demetrius Tucker says:

I think he just trolled us for 8 minutes and 2 seconds.

Ernestas says:

nice pixel 2 review

maxwell muthomi says:

Between PHP and PYTHON which one would you recommend for a beginner to study as backend.

Josh Green says:

XS Max or 3XL = 90’s JNCO jeans required. :^ )

Xu Jia says:

Hi Tech lead,

I paid you for your vedios a week ago, but nothing so far, wonder when you will send me the vedios, or refund my money.

Luka Jajanidze says:

Joma’s house at 5:43?

ayush sharma says:

Is he joking or he want to troll so hard can’t say.

Kene O. says:

Let me guess. The iPhone is supposedly superior.

Dom says:

No iOS apps, why use an iPhone then?

Divanniy Startaper says:

best way to avoid vendor lock, is to sticking to google ecosistem))))

Cyprian Forc says:

Nice joke, almost got me… This is Pixel 2, not Pixel 3.

` `CCD says:

try mate20 pro pls

Nick E says:

Damn Pixel 3 makes iPhone Xs camera look like trash. Such an improvement overall. Those colors and clarity is much better

Jørn Liverød says:

Its cool that you dont need to buy iPhone anymore. But, its also annoying that Apple isnt the one pushing tech.

Sudeep Janawade says:

Wait, why would you say the Pixel doesn’t have a notch?

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