Google Pixel 3 Review: More Than Just A Camera?

The Google Pixel 3 is a phone that is far from perfect, but there’s something about this phone that draws me to it. This is my experience with Google’s smaller flagship for 2018 following 30 days of usage. Is Google’s flagship device worth buying? Find out by checking out my Google Pixel 3 Review!

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Google Pixel 3: Unboxing & First Impressions

Pixel 3 vs Galaxy s9 Front Facing Camera Test

NavStar – New Good Lock 2018 Module!

5 Things I Immediately Missed Switching to a Pixel 3

I Returned The Google Pixel 3, BUT…



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carver 9 says:

I just stopped by to say “that thumbnail though”. This lady is beautiful. A work of art. Watched video and I’m out.

James M says:

I see the Pixel still has all that blinding ugly white.

James Howard says:

One-trick pony still? Methinks. Android Pie does not offer a great deal that Good Lock 2018 does not. IDK

Endi Suhonjić says:

i am in love… with u 🙂

JeDudeShow says:

I got the pixel 3 black, I’m loving the phone. Pictures are amazing and the phone is snappy for me.

Mike Lechner says:

Now this is how you do a phone review! I’m curious, what book app, besides Kindle, would you recommend for someone making the switch from iOS/iBooks to Android? My other question is: Do you have a Patreon account? Is there a way your subscribers can support your channel?

naweed anwari says:

You are sooo beautiful and I love your videos so much I am so happy to be one of your subscribers because i enjoy watching your videos

Thao Huynh says:

✌️ The Pixel 3 definitely isn’t perfect, but there’s just something about it…

Charleone says:

Small pixel 3 battery dies very fast

Tamara Sorbo says:

You look so comfy at the end 🙂 I love wearing my socks with leggings like that Haha

Jim Kanaris says:

Hi Thao, enjoy watching your videos. Very informative and fun. I love that smokey colorful wall on the phone. Where can I find it?

Delicacy Freda says:

what wireless headphones were shown?

Patrick Spruill says:

I love Samsung! Thank you for putting me onto Goodlock

Ezio Filho says:

Thao, would you prefer the S9 or the Pixel 3? Great Review! 🙂

Luis Sanchez says:

People also say they are drawn to the Pixelbook in a strange way (I did purchase and enjoy) but not sure if I would like the phone since I am used to my note 9 but am considering it as a second phone because of the stock Android experience always enjoy your vids coz of the real world experience you are so good at sharing thanks always how u have a great holiday.

Michael Trinh says:

I hope you’ll try the OnePlus 6T.

Tedy Wayne Tran says:

I’m a tech-guy from Saigon and now is going to be your big fan.❤️

Cayden Thompson says:

Sitting here with my OnePlus 6T and not regretting a thing 😀

Maydon Rogers says:

In-depth review on each product we need to stop and appreciate that from you. Most YouTube put out one video on a device and move on to the next. After watching im definitely considering get this phone for my fiancee this Christmas.

Mark Ruiz says:

Note 9 is still better and will blow the pixel 3 outta the water!!!

Farmhand2k says:

Good perspective I agree as I did like the 2XL until it slowed down after 6 months. I almost pulled the trigger on black friday for the 3XL, but too many issues and just for the camera was not really worth it for me. Got a 2nd Note 9 512GB, gave the 128GB to the wife… 🙂

Steve Swanson says:

A coworker who has only used iPhones decided to switch to the Pixel 3 (XL) and she has absolutely loved it. Google is doing a good job of marketing this thing because I am seeing a lot of them in the wild! Great review as always, Thao.

Paul Cotton says:

That thumbnail

Hummer O says:

I just traded my pixel 2xl for a Note9 and I really value miss the pixel camera.

Andrew Rng17582 says:

Don’t understand why ppl say that ya have to do a long swipe to get into the app draw. You can do the same small swipe gesture that ya use for recent apps

Suresh Rajendran says:

Hi Thao, Please provide us the link for the screen protector

Shanique Hyde says:

You need to review those headphones that you had on towards the end!! I’m currently in the market for some wireless headphones and I trust your opinion

John Black says:

It’s great to hear a review from someone who bought it and wasn’t given one from google

Jose Lara says:

Easily becoming one of my favorite YouTubers

William Z says:

solid review, being a guy, I too chose the pink pixel 3, just cuz its unique, very good looking

Paul Cotton says:

For the price the 6t mclaren is better

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