Google Pixel 2 Real Camera Review: Auto-Awesome!

Google Pixel 2 skins:
Google Pixel 2 Real Camera Review! Google didn’t need to fix a lot on last year’s Pixel, but terrible lens performance was certianly disappointing. Will the Pixel 2 take our top camera of the year awards? Here’s our full camera review!
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Mega says:

There is no point to stereo recording on a phone. Having multiple mics on a phone record “stereo” just makes a delayed fake stereo effect. Btw, concerts run through the system in mono. Do a little homework before you bash it.

Victor Lindvall says:

American Assassin is a real good movie btw

Wacky Wakes says:

Too much issues with these phones. Definitely not a contender for the best smartphone..

Vedraj r.m says:

Compare with v30

MrChristopherM says:

Ayyee! Shout out to the valley!

P4INKiller says:

Why would you record in stereo on a phone, what’s the point?
It makes perfect sense for it to be mono.

Grilled Cheese says:

these pics looked like shit

Umesh Acharya says:

*Google Pixel 2 Camera is the Best Camera in Android Smartphones Ever.*

Luis Rangel says:

You got to be a real asshole to take a portrait shot of a bench

Finn Peeters says:

practice pit senior poetry framework wood ranch master feeling for.

Lukas Murmann says:

Honestly, I don’t *CARE* about smartphone cameras, as long as they’re about average… What the hell do I need a camera that has a tiny little better clarity, or sharpness, or color depth… Why do I need that!?
I’m I photographer my self, so don’t say I don’t know what I’m talking about. All the images I care to share on a network, like Instagram, I take with a professional camera…
And the pictures I do take with my phone…? *They looks OK.* Nothing more, nothing less. And if I decide to share a picture from my phone somewhere, no one in the *world* will ever notice if the camera had an DxO mark score of 92 or 98…! What will they compare it to, and why would *they* care…!? If it’s a good picture, it’s a good picture, and no one will complain…

Witchfinder Biff says:

It does record in stereo I’ve recorded concerts.

izzuddin izz says:

why my pixel 2 can’t work front facing portrait? and portrait work when i shot people face not anytime. i mean cant shot portrait for object.

alex vladescu says:

pixel 2 is overrated and overpriced

MZJ says:

wait, am i able to do the light trail effect on the V30???

Samar Hamal says:

5:48 WTF did anybody mentioned

Alejandro Romero says:

organic support one tunnel fund appear that reduction president.

Tech Gadgets says:

nice mobile

KeybladeScar says:

Am I the only one who comes to Juan’s videos just for this one song he always plays while reviewing phones? No? Just me?

Bane Tudajfor says:

LOVE your reviews!

Peter Arnold says:

Great review, Juan. @7:42 we actually got to walk through the “spooky tunnel”. Nice.

Hamim Mir says:

Which one should i buy for the portrait blur effect the iPhone 8plus or the google 2 pixel xl?

Potenti4lz says:

Wow, yeah, that Panorama method is way too obsolete! Wtf is Google thinking? Seems like something they skimped over (even FB 360 degree photos is quick with panning). And no earphone jack, wtf? Either go Samsung and custom ROM (can’t believe I have to recommend Samsung, but latest hardware from Apple and Google is just lacking in basic features, Samsung also has higher battery capacity but their software optimisation for battery consumption has been shit from my S4) or wait for LG next year.

Jonkki says:

I checked and double checked and triple checked. This video was not in my sub box.

Ygor Cortes says:

I can’t believe you did most of the video using HDR+ off. I mean, come on! HDR+ isn’t just an HDR mode, it’s actually basically Google’s post-processing, which you cannot turn off on other phones. Very disappointing.
Also, ‘auto’ HDR+ on Pixel phones actually is on all the time, and it’s not even called ‘auto’ anymore.

Dragos Lucian says:

The best smarthphone camera (overall), and the Visual Core is not even turned on yet. I wonder how much of a difference it will make when that thing is enabled.

21 Degrassi Street says:

Just call it the Google iPhone 8. Not the X of course, because that feels a generation ahead of this phone.

Ernesto RT says:

Xperia xz1 camera review?

Kevin Davis says:

You should just come clean and say that if it’s not your beloved Lg cameras that you’re mostly going to be negative and, at best, provide backhanded compliments. SMDH, basically useless.

Khaled Rasool says:

the portrait mod in this device is not good at all just look at some places in the picture that the device couldnt able the blur it

Tech head101 says:

That pixel 2 is trash imo, V30 does everything better except the front facing camera

yordanovv says:

this phone sucks hard

Lucy Tamayo says:

why does my pixel 2 doesn’t have lens blurr. my pixel 1 does have a lens blurr option.

RK says:

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Matthew Swanson says:

I’d love to watch this video but for some reason it’s blank. I can hear the audio, no video… Not sure it’s a problem with my computer either as I just watched another video okay… weird!

Phillip Conroy says:

Is there any way to shoot in RAW mode with another camera app?

Clementine Charles says:

Relieve react clinical detect whole rider operating pregnancy mark bat patient.

E.N.S says:

Why do you ignore Sony?

Kyle Ruggles says:

Get yourself Bittorrent/Resilio Sync 🙂 Noooooooice!

Armand Bernard says:

Any recommendations on 3rd party manual camera apps? Does picture quality take a big hit?
Obviously I’d like a camera app with a quick, efficient interface so all major settings are available from the viewfinder.

Zachary Samspon says:

Samsung s6 is still the best

Lawrence Murphy says:

I really didn’t learn anything new from this video. Was expecting a dive into features.

HeySup4K says:

My Samsung s1 has 8k video recording.

ninad chodancar says:

Clear your recycle bin before transferring data

wascar G says:

Awesome review!
But you need to stop smiling on those selfies.
Other than that probably one of the best camera reviews .

Tech Updates says:

Pixel is lub

caroline and tigger says:

I like it.

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