Google Pixel 2 In Depth Camera Review – Truly a Generational Leap

Google changed the definition of how good a smartphone camera could be with last year’s Google Pixel, and this year they’re upping the game significantly with the Google Pixel 2. Both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL feature the exact same camera hardware, and sport some important new features that are sure to please. Portrait mode with a single camera, both on front and rear cameras, a brighter lens and a new dual-pixel camera sensor make up just a few of the new features to get excited about. On the back end Google is utilizing its first ever SoC in the form of an Image Processing Unit called the Pixel Visual Core. Just how good is the camera on the Pixel 2? We put it head to head with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG V30 and Sony Xperia XZ1 to see who’s got the very best smartphone camera in 2017.

Grab a Pixel 2 from Verizon:

Grab a Pixel 2 XL from Verizon:

Full gallery of photos and video from the review:

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Srea Mengkuch says:

Sony photos wow better than Samsung note 8

dustin s says:

Don’t forget there making HDR+ available to third pary software so that’s were the real magic will happen

Hovhannes Hovakimyan says:

No manual mode for camera? 🙁

AgentJake says:

No manual 🙁

Joseph Rego says:

Camera is a beast.

ankur manjare says:

portrait mode is the best feature which i want in my phone

Mickey Mania says:

No manual means it can’t be the best overall sorry, no 4K @60fps not the best camera of all time so cut it out.

Darrie says:

Hay could you not get a photo app that can over ride the camera options to make it manual ? Like camera FV -5 app ??

Expert Reviews says:

One of the best camera reviews

Massimo Crimi says:

I think the Galaxy S8 autofocus it is faster probably one the faster any smartphone

Don Giovanni says:

Gonna assume the pixel 2 is more comfortable to hold right?
Good review btw

Yusuf Ahmad says:

Solid review. Good job man.

RottinWolves says:

One thing I wish is that it could use the front facing camera in video mode

Mitch W says:

Have you heard of a Huawei P10?

Mr Skill- says:

LG V30

Maniac618 says:

Can’t we just get the HDR+ results on other phones using the XDA developers .apk?

Ahmed Kareem says:

Can you plz make a camera comparision with iphone 8 plus specially in an aggressive hdr situations ????

Tyler g says:

Now if only you could buy one without waiting until December. In Canada anyways

kent vun says:

thumb up for fast upload, so many reviewer havnt got thier content ready regarding pixel 2 camera review you are the 1sgt indept review i see so far

maans le roux says:

Perhaps someone a lot smarter than me can explain this to me, If each pixel is actually dual pixel? Doesnt that decrease the micron size by half per pixel/sub pixel?

Michael Boykin says:

I enjoyed watching this and your V30 camera reviews very much. Very informative and thorough!

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