Google Pixel 2 Camera Test vs. $20k Hasselblad

A camera review of the Google Pixel 2 XL compared to a very expensive medium format camera
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Tango965 says:

lg v30 would win

afro symphony says:

please could you provide some of the raw images so we can be able to really look at them ourselves.

Thanks and Happy new year.

Dylan Foster says:

Thought before watching the video… “That $20k camera BETTER beat out a Pixel 2”

tokekkk says:

Do video test on both

Tony D says:

Got clickbaited, no regrets. Great vid!

Aaron O'Brien says:

What editing software are you using?

Sheldon Cooper says:

my pixel 2xl is awesome love the cam .
i end up taking more pics than prev iphone 7 plus .
photo pixel >>> than my frnds iphone x
video iphone x > pixel 2 xl .
screen cud have been btter on pixel if it had note 8 screen it wud have been ultimate dope

jay ckb says:

Can’t believe I haven’t come across your channel before – fantastic.

Robhit Saxena says:

Appreciate your HardWork!

Joseph Garton says:

Pixel 2 would be my dream prize 🙂

Maxation says:

I think we can all agree that the Hasselblad completely destroys the Pixel 2 in every aspect.

Anthony Blank says:

I like my Pixel 1 xl more. 🙂

James Benet says:

Just subscribed, glad to see a fellow veteran iStocker/Getty doing such a cool Vlog will watch very often! Pixel 2 is a big leap forward but there is no substitute for real sensor size and lens bokeh just yet. For online snaps that is another thing entirely, for print not close.

Shadin's Dreams says:

how do you color grade your videos?

Abdullah Jimmy says:

Dude love your smooth transitions

Emren Akdamar says:


Helias says:


Curious Tinkering says:

To immediately see the difference between cameras, print the pictures.

dave frie says:

You should have let the other photographer shoot both with the Pixel and the Hasselblad so we can compare it a little better.

Jake Naing says:

Pixel 2 is really freaking amazing for what a phone can do.

meet kanodia says:


Abdullah Jimmy says:

This video is so well research

Tech Tonsofphone says:

Pixel did pretty well

Ritam Baidya says:

Its a decent comparison and I really liked the head to head match ups. The GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL is a very very impressive device. Well the highend camera is too expensive , I feel 2XL holds up pretty well.

João Jóia Paulo says:

it feels you should have shouted out marques…

weinerschnitzelboy says:

I personally welcome the comparison. I think every camera enthusiast knows the advantages of swappable lens and large high resolution camera sensors. BUT, instead of taking this as a comparison of just hardware, which everyone here likes to mention, look at this more of a comparison of current digital photography vs future computational photography. Throw in an iPhone X here, and you’ll see how far ahead the 2XL is in taking more natural and properly exposed shots with far better dynamic range. So while the all modern high end smartphones run close up against the laws of physics with their tiny lenses and sensors, Google attempts to cheat this with math. The default HDR+ Camera mode of the Pixel 2 XL combines dozens of 12 MP photos with every shutter tap to achieve this impressive dynamic range. The artificial blur is created using the split sides of each camera pixel to get the depth information. That itself is damn impressive. And while it isn’t medium format DSLR good, you’d think it was taken with something more than a P&S camera. On a sensor the size of a fingernail.

judijaba says:

@aniab is soooo beautiful!

ciderandthorazine says:

hasselblad will always struggle to earn my respect, in light of the “true zoom” mod for moto z they put their name to. an add-on camera unit that produced inferior images to the smartphone’s native sensor & lens. i bet they make excellent products too, but i can’t forgive them for that arse-headed cash-grab yet.

Neo says:

BTW pixel is a phone not a CAMERA. At least it stands out from all flagship smartphone.

R E T R 0 W A V E says:

Stand alone camera’s are for old people

Tumpal Manurung says:

In the end it all depends on people’s perception of what makes an image good, and it can be very subjective. Practically most people won’t need large prints or set their profile portrait as wallpaper for their computer screen. Some people don’t even need desktop or laptop. Some people only need to see their face and the face of their loved ones on the screen, that’s it. Where I live, people even printed billboards for political campaign using portrait files from phones, and it has started since some years ago. Nobody went “oh the pixel density is terrible”, nobody cared.
On the other hand, i guess anybody who compares phone cameras with “dslr” or any other similar dedicated cameras, really don’t give those camera makers enough credit. The camera makers naturally will be doing things to keep themselves relevant and protect their business.
Besides the issue that it’s an old hassy, and the situation is not demanding, i think it’s a good video to give additional perspectives to those of us who try to justify our position and purchasing decision.

SchneiderMan says:

Only $20k for the sensor not the lens

M Jamil Hoque says:

Comparing any SLR to a mobile device. Completely silly!

krokonosh says:

Comparing Hasselblad invented 10 years ago and modern mobile camera it’s ridiculous. Thous who does this have no idea at least about application of digital cameras and about digital photography at all. This video is a waste of time. People who speaks here are misleading others.

Bendy Koh says:

I always thought mobile phone cameras are going to take the place of DSLR/mirrorless cameras until I came across your video. Today I Learnt. Would have been interesting to have a print media comparison to proof that point as well though. Thanks for the new information

M03AN says:

Can I get one too??

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