Gizcam SJCAM SJ5000X Action Camera Review – Cheaper GoPro Alternative

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David says:

“Mega pickles”

Xeon Levrie says:

Nick the type of nigga to use a cheap ass go pro

TheSpookySquirrel says:

damn , america made him so fat

rytis kubilius says:

Hey nick i have that camera but its from ACME 😀

MrCalbber says:

your logo is similar to 7lions logo

debbie62140 says:

I gave you a thumbs up for megapickles … made my day thanks 🙂

LazyMasterGamer says:

Nice camera and nice price! Probably gonna buy it at some point!

Matthew Willett says:

Gopro does have a screen

Telmuun Ganbayar says:

I like Bananas.



KBIn1080P says:


Sal Cottone says:

lol gizcam

Patrick Zzz says:

2:28 80 hours battery ummmmm…..

Niels Vanleeuwen says:

im sorry but when i look at the black and white picture of you on your banner you have gane allot of weight. 😀 (no hate)

NAiX says:

I use this and it’s great I threw and played with it on water. I got no moist the camera itself is dry

RockGod says:

*grabs banana and starts eating it* so basically this comes with…..

Nick wtf!?!?!?! Lol

Yusuf Seedat says:

12 megapickles

Nelson Trinh says:

SJCAM………Just seems like a SCAM……..

Ground_Effex says:

You should update your SJ5000x firmware to 1.3S

Napo says:


Nicholas Hunter says:

Wait…. Did anybody else hear he said 12 mega pickles?…

Cr4zy Gamer says:

אולה פלולה

Ben K says:


Thex says:

Car model?

Hugo Oguh says:

Why does NickBunyun review action cameras, the most exercise he’s ever done is walking to the fridge to get more snacks

Twigs says:

mega pickles, that is all

diogo maciel says:

nick you are fat

Alex939 says:

That banana made my day. Would love to play someday with ya.

Austin says:

Something was under his eye the whole video… I’m basically dead right now from OCD.

mravi8or says:

Your BMW <3

donce114 says:

Nick you gained some weight

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