Ghost Caught on Camera at Alcatraz!? | The Boo Review

Ghost caught on camera at Alcatraz Prison! Real ghost photo or a case of pareidolia? This photo was sent to us by one of our Patreon contributors from an Alcatraz tour and it was fun to discuss! Now, let’s have a look at this ghost caught on tape!

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Kennedy Hood says:

show nathens face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

malicious critic says:

it looks like a fat person dress

Kitty Burliame says:


Brandon Wade says:

hey boo review do one on These Aigamuchab Cherufe Each Tened Eloko Gulon and the Hundun

Sierra Faith says:

My mom works at Alcatraz and it’s not real

mudman 87 says:

Best channel on YouTube

Aisu Shitai says:

Tell Nathan’s body actor that I have those same exact Pj bottoms and I was wearing them once I watched the video

Shadow says:


Saucy Drip says:

Nathan deserves his own channel.

Like if you agree!

Jonathan Markham says:

Ghostie has a widow’s peak going on.. 0_o

allpizzaistasty says:

*clapping intensifies!* XD I always wondered… why do you use a ranking system of x/7? XD Why not x/10? I get it, x/10 is TOTALLY to mainstream, amirite? ;D Love your videos guys, can’t wait for more!

cls judah says:

at like 4 20 u get a a cheeky look at Nathan he seems to have a beard

LoboTaker z Gdańska says:

You trolls xD
I think Nathan is still sexy ;3

Cis Garbage says:

it really looks like a lamp if you look at it for a while

Hillel Slan says:

I 666th to like this video! Save me Boo Review! Save me!

Chris Ducharme says:

Its a Fata Morgana!

Serena M. says:

Nathan <3

Warp says:

…that guy has a really nice waist.

Tanian Shade says:

last night my brother was going through and watching extremely creepy videos, but one that caught my eye severely messes with me and it’s worse. I personally don’t want to watch the video and would love a review on it to set me at ease. the video is “girl goes psycho during makeup tutorial”

Grey Tomayaki says:


TheDailyRant says:

How about more facts and photos instead of being bumbasses

NovaTech141 says: After watching this vid here I (posted link to it) thought that the guy who recorded that video was uploading about the white thing walking over there , but after reading the discription he siad that that was a bird so he reuploaded it and marked the spot where he saw something moving by his house. Boo rewiew plaese analyze it and say what do you think about it

Sam Cortez says:

Always enjoy your videos guys. You guys but the boo in amazing content. #nodisrespecttobenaffleck

LoboTaker z Gdańska says:

You trolls xD
I think Nathan is still sexy ;3

Heather Nicolle says:

search me up I caught a ghost on camera

Lufesc13 says:

These guys snuck into a mental institution. They supposedly saw a ghostly being (All I can see is someone crouching). They were more nervous about being caught than actually seeing a ghost.
But just in case this works for you:

leticia1depp says:

cool pants, nathan

Luke Rogers says:

I love the Pixies reference! 🙂

Jeanie coudriet says:

It’s a face!!!! But is it ghostly!?

Prof. Mental says:

Oh Nathan, what will you get up to next? you mischievous nathangutan you. Probably find him being chased by boarder patrol for illegally smuggling bananas for the Mexican banana cartels.

toms1313 says:

i was watching the photo and a theory, maybe is a t-shit with a face in it, the “hair” part almost looks like a collar from the shirt, just trowing some theories out there

Bast f says:

No Nathan! Please come back the world needs you!

Judy Paints says:

Guys help I have this anoying ghost/creature thing finally I’ve couth it on tape. Even tho I was recording about the strange bird i saw walking

MadTrav says:

looks like the flash from the camera that just looks like a face.

call of duty master456 sanchez says:

poor Nathan he will never get the bananas. send him a message saying don’t drop the soap so he don’t get raped by bubba

trickassbitch says:

yo theres this one weird kids youtube channel called hey kids

devin smith says:

Nathan is a shape shiftier cover that boo review

SuperAsdke says:

Looks Like Jason Voorhee’s Hockey Mask

Ez Funel vision says:

Urll set ippppspisisis

Angela Elliott says:

First let me say that I apologize if I spell his name wrong….but did I see that Vu’s pants were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?? If so, I want to know where he got them! I want some! Turtles rule!! Also, more importantly…. I miss seeing you guys as frequently as before. My days are just not the same without you, you always make me smile, and you are both so cute and handsome! I will be messaging you guys soon because after I make my Patreon donation, I would love for Nathan to draw me something. I’ll have to see if he can draw what I want to be drawn, but I would love to help you guys out no matter what. Take care you cuties!!

Crabbybaba says:

Do longer videos plz like 20 min

Boy.Robot says:

It’s a ghost within a ghost making a fake face to throw off non believers.

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