Galaxy S7 vs Mi 5 Camera Review, Speed Test, Full Comparison

Ultimate Comparison of Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Xiaomi Mi5 in design, display, speed test, benchmark, camera in low light, selfie front-facing cam, speaker, battery and value. For full review and comparison visit


Andy J says:

is this mi5 3GB RAM or 4GB RAM?

Mariusz Jankowski says:

I think that both phones are great.
 It all depends how much money we want spend 🙂
I now ordered MI5 Prime
At the moment I have the iPhone 6 and I’m unhappy. I do not recommend,
unless if you have nothing to do with money, you can buy iphone, and be cool 🙂

Bhaskar Pal says:

nice review

Mario Ray Mahardhika says:

Indeed a good review that only increases my happiness of owning Mi5 Prime. Since video recording is more important to me (Mi5 video resolves more detail) and I prefer natural color photos (let it be dark if it’s dark), my choice was right.

21st century whore says:

bro dont you have any other music to test?


samsung galaxy s7 is a very good phone even i was used samsung galaxy s7 edge even mi5 is half price then s7. I think you have lower bugget then you can pick mi5 but samsung and mi both are good

Andini Kiara says:

Jade, i always love your video. I need your help right now. Please, can you make an ultimate comparison between Samsung S7 and Sony Xperia Z5. because soon i will buy one of those 2 phones. I appreciate it so much if you do this. thank you!

Swapnil Mule says:

Such a biased video…
Samsung paid to u for this video
What bullshit u said mi5s back feels plasticky.. And see wallpaper u kept on mi5… So viewers dont lyk mi5 display
Mi5 display is not bad bro it is just 1080p and it has natural color reproduction in compare to samoled over saturated display just look at red color on dosent looks lyk red it looks lyk orange.. I watched only starting of this video coz i understood that u got paid by samsung
Sorry if my English is bad..

Mesharyhd says:

nice work I’d love to see you compare xiaomi mi5 with the Huawei P9

Vendy Vermanto says:

sam s7 WIN!!!!!

Anonymous says:

Mi5 or Xiaomi note 4?

Vaibhav Paygude says:

Mi5 Best Or Coolpad Max For Camera And Gaming ? which one best smartphone?

Ronald de Leon says:

pls review about le cool1.

David Wahyudi says:

xiaomi mi5 and xiaomi mi4s pls bro ?

Zykerfox ! says:

Yeah go get the black colour of mi5 and see who is the winner


this is fckng review… the brightness of s7 were reduced and mi5 brightness increased and make the review for promote mi5…

Atthariq Daffa says:

S7 and Z5 please!

Don Drapper says:

Damn mi5 camera is better.

stephen edison says:

thanks , good review

Adib Rifai says:

s7 suckass

RPG FIRE says:

I am definitely impressed in certain shots with Mi5 but over all guess S7 still ahead. In another way, 500 to 700 bucks a phone compare to perhaps 200 or 300 bucks makes some difference at the end of the day.

Baran Karabulut says:

Mİ5 is Price/Performans phone 🙂

Ben Morningstar says:

as usual. mi5 has a great sensor but it needs improvements. just like the note 3 pro.

Great Lord says:

omg mi5 did well OIS and frame rate at the night than GS7, but GS7 has more light

arstan :3 says:

You really love Galaxy s7, ALL video i only heard that Galaxy s7 better. Dislike

im using a Huawei mate 5, and im not voting for one of this smarphones

deniz kyle oro says:

can U make a comparison S7 vs Z5P

O neil says:

s6 vs s7 camera

Belinda J. Marriot says:

S7 sucks !!!!

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