Galaxy Note 8 Real Camera Review: The Best Zoom on a Phone

Galaxy Note 8 skins:
It’s ok to be late to the party when you bring a great competitor. The Note 8’s second sensor is for zooming and background blur. Normally, zoom is our least favorite way to do a dual camera, but Samsung’s hardware delivers nicer results than any phone we’ve reviewed in the past. Is zoom still a gimmick, or will you actually use this feature on the Note?

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jaypob says:

I like the shutter button doubling as a zoom! It’s by far the easiest way to handle zoom while taking a bunch of shots of moving subjects.

Pablo Kho says:

Nice soundtrack

Django Groen says:

I just don’t press the camera button. You can use. Volume up. It’s much better anyway

W J says:

42 down voters are butt hurt Apple fans

Donny Fair says:

LG V30 will be the camera phone to get. Then the mate 10.

Dmas Tangi says:

You’ll never hear good news about Apple on this channel

Aimeryl Mat says:

D brand can you stop “bringing” reviews??? Daaaaaaammmmn

Kamran Tanwir says:

Real audio review plz…

Redline Reviews says:

Hey just wanted to get some exposure and critique for my review of Galaxy Note 8 and my channel. If you could please stop by and give it a watch I would really appreciate it. Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

RiceCube Tech says:

How do you do just optical image stabilization instead of hybrid? My note 8 only has one image stabilization toggle

FatalDiarrhea says:

0:19 Shot on V30.

Jasmine Cherie says:

Picking mine up tomorrow!

Kadesh Beckford says:

I have a Note8 and S8, the Note8 had a massive software update and i have seen a massive change in the Note8 camera. The colours are more true to life, Live Focus even better in low light and end result.

Khizer Hayat says:

I still love SAMSUNG s8 and note 8 from iphones

Joael George says:

I think note 8 placed fingerprint sensor in an unusual position for a reason. Next year note will not have it.

Reivax Roque says:

I miss my galaxy note 4, excluding the finger print swiping situation, though it got better with updates however. But the design of that phone (note 4) was really enjoyable. The mixture of materials I enjoyed very much. The front facing camera was mediocre. The main camera had 16mps with ois, the screen was qhd res. Etc. it was a great phone. Samsung software just ages very quick and their updates take months and months. I moved to iOS and honestly, don’t regret it at all. I were with Samsung since the 1st galaxy s. Just throwing that out there.

Razz Zack says:

Man.. Shutter speed Still max to 10 sec and iso max too 800..what year is this

Michael Lim says:

Note 7 is the predecessor not the S8. Two different lines of phones targeted for two different kinds of users. I think you should’ve gotten that by now.

Thermal_Sniper X says:

Homework vs pocketnow video…
I think you know who has won

Venka Dx says:

Which phone holder is used in here for the table shots ?

Naing Aung Lu Lu says:

wow I love it

warez1896 says:

5:32 Gestureception.

Aditya Shrivatsa says:

That portrait mode existed on Nexuses for ages… couldn’t it get better?

Kyle Netherwood says:

I still prefer LG and Huawei’s dual cameras but that zoom is great.

warez1896 says:

2:43 You hear that OPPO & Vivo?

seven henson says:

Views here suffer from launch of iPhone… here to support Samsung

RiceCube Tech says:

My note 8 is great, but the 2nd zoom sensor is noticeably worse. Not nearly as bad as the iPhone 7 plus second sensor but still worse than the main.

MiTechGuy says:

Great review Juan! It would mean a lot if you could check out my Note 8 coverage on my channel. I compare it to the s8 and see how the cameras stack up!

damon harris-Brennan says:

Did you say… “Stonking”?


Shawn Brown says:

I don’t like his review

Don Braugh says:

Would you address the main camera issue with both S8 and Note 8 shooting video (with significant blurring and focus-hunting) on 1080p 60 fps, pls.?

Gabriel Toribio says:

Can you shoot and edit YouTube videos with it? What’s better for video content creation and productivity; the Note 8 or V23?

Darth Je5us says:

Does the zoom lens work for instagram story videos/photos?

hidenproductions says:

The V30 looks like more fun to me. Anyway, probably the Pixel 2 will have the best auto camera again this year, since the original Pixel keeps up with every new flagship, except the second cameras, obviously if you are a fan of that. I like the wide angle lens on the V30.

Λli Majeed says:

We want LG V30 camera test

Cru Jones says:

Demon mouth @0:58

samit shirsat says:

Do a video giving your opinion on the best implementation of Dual cameras
Zoom or ultrawide or monochrome

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