Galaxy A5 (2016) vs Galaxy J7 (2016) Camera Review, Full Comparison

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 edition vs Galaxy J7 2016 model full comparison, camera review, benchmark, speed test, battery test, speaker, performance, display, and design.

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madu pires says:

galaxy a5 16 or galaxy j7 metal?

dennis barcelo says:

Nice comparison for both camera!

Aashish Divekar says:

From where I can buy online Samsung J7 2016 3gb variant?

Turbotube says:

I thought that the a5 does have fast charging (4:08)

KF1014 says:

I bought a j7 and has 720p only I bought the philippine version

russel sky dizon says:

wrong specs.j7 2016 is only 720p.and 2gb ram.

Razhee Jafri says:

i am confused between buying the s6 or the a5 2016 any suggestions?????

nawazish ali says:

I m using J7 2016 after saw this video i think A5 2016 better then J7 2016.

Jeanu Mayo says:

so guys,who’s the winner??

markus booysen says:

I dont know alot aboit any of this that is because im watching this

Ron Unasin says:

may exynos variant ba tayo dito sa pinas ng A5?

Dayvideo says:

Good job comparing, go on the video

Anja Boo says:

so does J7 have a fingerprint

Bishank Badgami says:

my fast charger heat the phone vey much..

Anedrar Moh says:

both of them are 2GB RAM

chino dizon says:

j7 is 720p only not full hd

Aashish Divekar says:

+Manila Shaker Philippines can you please reply, from where I can buy online Samsung J7 2016 3gb variant?

saeyyeon21 says:

a5 16 hv fast charging

Claudio Music says:

El … A5 2016 ,.. es de 2GB Ram =)

RandomVideos says:

A 5 no fast chargin i
both it and it came with it

Ilias Ads says:

Please try to eq out the saliva clicking, am I the only one who hears that and finds it super annoying?

RpdrALLSTARS2 says:

I don’t have a clue what your saying sorry

Richard William Hartanto says:

j7 is good

Iodized Tymmss says:

Magkano po yung Galaxy J7 2016 dito sa philippines? and saan po makakabili ng mura.

Nia Ghoniyah says:

a5 2016 not hybrid sim. it is dual sim with micro sd

YuRiCe M says:

what is better for filmmakers

Nycel Geraga says:

great… i’ll save for J7 hehe

Fachri Kusumah says:

actually j7 wins but A5 have a good design i like both if u need phones just for camera and design go to A5 but if u need phones for gaming or social media go to J7

Dayvideo says:

I’m Filipino, but I’m not a fan of Filipino-English accent :/ (no offense to you totally, my family members are like that too lol)

warren bulalacao says:

water proof poba yung j7 2016 tsaka ano po yung screen nya/

SoFail says:

nakakaantok ang boses. so monotone

Abdullah .m says:

wrong wrong wrong

aleena Khann says:

which one is better??????

Dayvideo says:

Philippines prices are too much

Tupac Shakur says:

Pare ang j7 prime has 3gb of ram and the j7 2016 has only 2 gb of ram.

Mr. J says:

For me J7 2016 takes the W. Because its more affordable and there’s not too much difference in the two, and the J7’s battery is so much better than the A5, and it’s better for gaming.

pewdipai says:


Jonna porto says:

please make a video comparison between samsung galaxy A7 vs the new Galaxy j7 prime .. especially in camera app .. thank-you

Erion Mourati says:

a5 2016 is better

Tristan Kyle Adiao says:

Correction: ang J7 2GB RAM & 720P Display lang. Sa inyo ko lang nakita na 3gb ram and full HD. Sa china lang available ung 1080p na version.

Agus Saputra says:

What the program using for edit your video bro?

Rihas Mohamed says:

you got your info wrong. j7 2016 only has 2gb of ram and come with a 720p display. get your facts right.

Sassy Rabbit says:

i thought J7 2016 had 2GRAM. i saw it at Samsung store MOA & Southmall.
i know it’s not j7 prime because it doesnt have flash at front, and also it has 3GRAM. i was shocked with this review. is this a NEW j7 2016 with upgraded specs????

CovMar Heriberto says:

Mto G4 plus is better

russel sky dizon says:

wrong specs.j7 2016 is only 720p.and 2gb ram.

Nanda Najih Habibil Afif says:

one I hate from J series are there is no magnetic sensor, means the phone such on blind of the real direction we face. it’s weird for field engineer/worker across the wilderness.

Youtube User says:

which is better

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