Full iPhone X Review – Focusing on the camera – in 4k

I have attached some Raw shots that you guys can around with:

This is my Review on the new iPhoneX. I heavily focus on the camera in this review and run through some of the new features.

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O Arthur says:

Local brightness on the note 8 goes up higher, but its entire display does not go as high as iPhone X.

Techno Coke says:

Can’t believe it, a tech reviewer that just sticks to the facts and is just totally logical, non-hysterical, no trivia, no hair-brained, paranoid opinions hating on brands, devices and operating systems. Just a straight-up review. ‘Bout time good sense prevailed. Like and Sub deserved..!

PhotoMeIke says:

Thank you for this. Finally, a iPhone X review that speaks to my reservations about the phone. Will be looking forward to the iPhone X plus next year. LOL

hmilles says:

How can you find 24FPS more pleasing than 60FPS? I don’t get you… Once you get used to 60FPS 24FPS looks like a slideshow

SadkoEU says:

Doesn’t work with my raybans either, fuck

Rishio says:

The telephoto lens is actually 52mm, not 56mm. They reduced to get the slightly better aperture.

uutuber431 says:

did u have that girl wear 3 hats so that her hair wouldnt fuck with the magical faux lighting effects?

KiGI Photo says:

You said the Samsung Note 8/S were brighter – but that’s actually wrong, the average display brightness of the Samsung devices are less than the iPhone X:  http://displaymate.com/iPhoneX_ShootOut_1a.htm – that 1200 nits figure you hear tossed around is only when it has to light just a tiny part of the screen, not the whole display.  Then the Samsung devices are more like 500 nits…

Mike Liovaros says:

Great vid! I’m an 8plus user and i noticed that when shooting video the OIS is very good at 1080 60fps but when i switch to 4k (any fps) it’s more shaky. Do you know why? Thanks!

Luke Aleck says:

<3 <3 i want it

Brent Cato says:

I for sure like that this guy figures out strange camera features. No one else seems to have an eye for picking out the little things like that.

Rohit Bagadia says:

Great video! I have been scratching my head which phone to pick up n I think will go fr X now

Bert Hubbard says:

Thanks one of the best reviews. On the.new phone,would you add moment lenses?

Philip Amour says:

You shouldn’t be manually quitting the apps. This is not Android, iOS takes care of apps in the background and terminates those that don’t need to be running to save battery. Matter of fact, this is draining memory more than if you weren’t quitting apps. (There may be some exceptions – like poorly built and bloated apps – e.g. Facebook)

Jorge Barea says:

The phone is perfect

Steve C says:

Great review, I don’t like this phone, sticking with my 7+
Next year might have to go to Galaxy Note9
If apple DONT bring TOUCH ID and HOME button

Bachmann Manuel says:

Whats your opinnion on the Fuji 90mm? Maybe compared to the 56mm (wich i own) for Portraits…

Alexander Krysell says:

nice vid man, good info

••••••••• • says:

Apple has really nailed it this time….I’m not even bothered by that $1000 price….the problem is, its $1400 in my country…
Btw zed, is $1000 final price u guys pay or there are some taxes?

Vaughn Keomala says:

You shouldn’t be closing your apps out anyways. It will make performance worse.

Omar Carrasquillo says:

Chiara looks great on my Note 8 lol

Ivan Karpenko says:

Thanks for an honest review. Some early reviewers seem way over excited (As if they were paid).

Shin Chan says:

Note 8 or iPhone x???

funk the world says:

it’s really interesting that the telephoto isn’t always getting used when you switch to it, kinda defeats the purpose of it being there in the first place. I didn’t actually know this was a thing until this video and just tested it on my 7 Plus and saw its true, so thanks for pointing that out. Kinda disappointed in it now. I always thought something looked off about it but never tested it myself until you mentioned it.

Michael Frilund Bespoke Services says:

Is it correct that it still records in mono?

LA Dude says:

What app do you shoot raw with. I got them all so I’ll go with the one you pick. I stopped using them cause it looks blurry when viewing raw on the iPhone but perhaps I can wait till I go to photoshop and trust its sharp. How do you deal with the blurry viewing raw on iPhone. I guess if you saw it sharp in the preview you can know it’s ok. ProCam 5, Manual, ProCamera.i have camera+. I like it but I don’t think it can shoot raw. I think ProCam 5 and Manual are probably the top 2.

TommiHG says:

Hey! Great vid. What app do you use for shooting RAW?

Nova Caldera says:

The New iPhone X: Bringing you new Features that most Android’s have had for the last 5 years but making it seem like it’s new Innovations from Apple!

FairchlldMusic1 says:

Great review dude! Honestly the best review i’ve seen yet. I think i’ll stick with my 8+ because i prefer the wider screen and no aspect ratio bullshit. The additional camera improvements might be nice, but like you said, not night and day noticeably better. Cheers from The Beaches, Toronto.

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