Fujifilm XH1 Real World Camera Review

We take the Fujifilm XH1 to the Lake District to put it to the test in this real world review with a landscape photography flavour.

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The Fujifilm XH-1 is Fuji’s new flagship mirrorless camera and sits above the XT2 in the Fuji lineup. It has the same 24mp crop sensor as the XT2 so we know the sensor is capable of capturing some great images.

Many of us need a camera to be rugged and reliable and that’s exactly what this camera is. The all new metal chassis feels rock solid and it’s weather sealed so when the rain starts, we don’t have to stop. One of the big benefits of mirrorless cameras is they can be smaller and more compact than a DSLR. This in part led to popularity of the XT2, especially amongst landscape photographers because weight and size really matters when hiking in the wilderness.

It might seem odd then that Fuji have gone in the opposite direction and made this camera bigger than its predecessor, but I don’t think so. It’s still significantly lighter than a pro DSLR body so weight is still being saved over most pro cameras. However the bigger size makes it much more comfortable in the hand, especially with the optional battery grip. The comfort adds versatility and makes this camera a genuine option for photographers working with their camera all day like wedding and street photographers. It seems to be a genuine all rounder.

One of the big selling points of this new mirrorless camera is the new in body 5 axis image stabilisation. Image stabilisation has never excited me when it comes to stills but it absolutely does when it comes to video. The system works really well to smooth out your shot and also breaths some new life into older lenses you might have lying around that don’t have IS.

This camera is a bit of a beast when it comes to video and I’ve been very impressed. It shoots 4K, it can do 120fps at 1080p and has loads of built in video presets to vary the look of your footage including a log mode. I’ve settled for the new ETERNA film mode that mimics the look of that film but still leaves me with plenty of room for post production if I need it. Aside from that I’ve just been hugely impressed by the sheer quality of the video image. It looks sharp and punchy and just looks really good and is on a par with the Canon 5D mark iv.

An external microphone can also be attached and a really nice feature is the ability to set microphone gain separately for the built in mic and an external mic so you don’t need to adjust it every time you plug a mic in.

So will this be replacing my DSLR. To be honest, not at the moment. It’s very close though and I have been very impressed with the Fujifilm XH1. I have absolutely loved shooting witht the Fuji X-H1 today and I feel it’s definitely better than the lower end DSLR’s and also better than the Canon 6D Mark ii that I reviewed the other week They are very similarly priced.

It’s not the perfect camera, there are slight annoyances like the lack of a built in bulb timer and the touch screen is not as useful as it could be but the biggest issue for me is the cropped sensor. It is a good sensor but it’s just not full frame. Like all cropped sensors any noise that is present looks harsh and kills the sharpness and you lose some dynamic range. That might not matter to you but when you think the new full frame Sony A7R Mark iii is just around the corner, at a pretty similar price, personally I would need to try that out first before finally making the leap to mirrorless.

Anyway this is still a very nice camera and I have had a great time using today here in the absolutely stunning Lake District. If you decided to buy I don’t think you would be sorry.

I’ll put more information down in the description and Please subscribe if you enjoyed this video, I have more reviews coming up and I’ll be out again next week for another landscape photography vlog. leave a comment down below with your thoughts or questions about the camera and I’ll see you another one very soon



Jérôme Chatillon says:

I consider the 6dmkII a better value for this type of usage:
– flippy screen for vlogging plus dual pixel autofocus
– no 4k, but do you really want that extra processing time, and storage ? I prefere the story telling than the image sharpness of your videos.
– good image quality (even with a better dynamic range sensor, HDR is still necessary anyway)
– you already have canon lens and stuff…
– single SD card… right… that can be a problem… but if you backup your card on the go with a Memory Card Back-up Device, you should be fine

David Burns says:

Nice real world review, I’m sure it’s a very capable camera but the cost of changing from my canon set up is not my priority. I’m looking for a full frame Canon, so I can count the Fuji out for the moment. Great pictures though Adam.

JaseEvoX says:

It hasn’t been brought in to replace the X-T2 though, the X-T3 will do that. The X-H1 is in addition to the X-T2 for those wanting the image stabilisation and video features etc.

scotty4418 says:

Good to see you back online Adam. You said it could possibly be your vlogging camera if the features were a bit more appealing but looking at the price, is this not quite expensive for a vlog set up? Appreciate the review and nice images as well

Bella Cavachon says:

Another excellent review, Adam. I think that you’ll love the Sony A7iii. I’m looking forward to a play with it at the Photography Show next week. I’ll be really interested to see your review of it too shortly.

Libor K says:

Adam, nice video. I agree with you , for now I stay with my 5Dm4. Perhaps the Sony maybe an alternative ??? It would be great if you can take for spin the new a7m3 ( full frame 24MP)
Nice images too …. , Thank you

Stuart Hayes says:

Great Video……..I moved from FF Canon and L glass to Fuji 12 month ago……NO regrets once I got out of thinking Canon…….XH1 is now on the list…..Cheers

Michael Didomenico says:

are your stills, straight out of the camera

Wayne Robertson Photography says:

Nice review Adam. The Fuji looks like a nice camera. I too use the 5D Mark 4 and enjoy the dynamic range it offers along with the great focusing for video, things like that would stop me making the switch. However for the right person the Fuji would make a great choice.

Rob Jorg says:

buy a D850 and never look back,.

MrThePlague says:

Nicely put together video, and it’s too bad the conditions didn’t work out for you; however, I have to say I disagree about the screen. While not great for vlogging, this type of screen is fantastic for landscape photography because it allows you to angle it upwards in both portrait and landscape orientations. I think it’s really well designed for its intended purpose, which is preventing you from having to lay belly down in the mud when you’re shooting low to the ground.

ToastandJam52 says:

Good review. Beautiful location. Sadly, Fuji cameras have never impressed me. This new one does not change that.

Jim McDowall Grumpy Photographer says:

Hi Adam. I moved to the XT2 and 16-55mm & 50-140mm lenses from the Nikon D800e and usual heavy but quality lenses.
I’m getting on in years 64 and was struggling with carrying heavy gear especially uphills.
I did all the usual comparisons before the change over and to be honest the Nikon (full frame) did come out better BUT not by much and once you learn to slightly alter your sharpen workflow with the Xtrans files I couldn’t tell the difference with my old eyes. I miss my dslr of course but sense had to prevail if I was to get to the places to take my landscapes. Long exposures are doddle with the ‘T’ 15 minute feature on the XT2. So for me so far so good. Great video Adam very informative.

adamaj says:

For landscape photography, or any photography where you want to capture all the detail and dynamic range you can (which is most photography), full frame will always be the way to go and will always be ahead of smaller sensor cameras. Images taken with little cameras such as the the Fujifilm have a little of what I call the “cell-phone” look to them. For video, cameras such as this Fujifilm do almost as well as full frame when the light is good, but low light performance isn’t nearly as good. Same is true for still images regarding low light; full frame will always be much better than crop sensors. Add to that other quirks, too small bodies (yes there is such a thing as too small, a camera needs to be above a certain size to be comfortable and handled easily), poor lens selection, not so cheap price, etc., and for me at least, I can’t think of a reason to purchase something like this. If I was in the market for a crop sensor camera I’d just buy Nikon D500 or Canon equivalent, which are better at most everything, perhaps with the exception of video, maybe not, which unless you’re a professional videographer is good enough anyway, and probably good enough even if you are a professional videographer. Manufacturers such as Fujifilm, Olympus, and Sony will have to do better to get people like me to abandon my Nikon system (with all my cameras, lenses and thousands of dollars invested) and jump ship to their offerings. I don’t like crop sensors. I don’t like limited lens selection. I don’t like tiny camera bodies. I don’t care too much about video. And I don’t care about mirrorless. I care about capturing the best quality image possible at any given time.

Gary Kenyon says:

Great video Adam. Lovely views looking at the way up Catbells.

Mark Wylie says:

I moved from a xt2 to a Sony A9, as the Sony is a lot quicker in practice. The image review took ages to come up on the lcd. I use the A9 for street photography, and it is amazing. The Fuji would miss a lot in comarison. Also, as you say the high iso is better on full frame. I still use my canon 5d4 for landscape work as I think it has an edge on dynamic range and overall quality. The weight isn’t much different as the Sony lenses are massive – but amazing too! I use a little sigma adaptor to use canon lenses on the Sony. I find you do lose some functionality though. Also, get the little grip adaptor for the Sony. I have large hands and my little finger keeps ‘floating’ without it, which is actually quit uncomfortable and annoying over time. The grip adaptor makes a huge difference. I had the battery grip too, but sent it back as it made the camera unwieldy in my opinion. Had the A7iii been out at the time, I would have bought it instead most likely.

David Brown says:

Not replacing the X-T2

Renegade Scot says:

Looks a good camera but again flawed like my Sony with the non flip screen. Have both the A7R2 and A6300 which I can share my lenses between. However maybe sell up both for the new A7iii. Never had an issue vlogging without the flip screen to be honest. The new Sony looks a staggering camera for the money and with early reviews may beat your Canon in a lot of areas.

GapBahnDirk says:

How is the weight with the grip Adam? Is there then much of a weight saving compared with your Canon 5D MkIV? Without the grip, how is the battery life?

Ryan Walsh says:

A7 III review next! 😀 How soon can we expect it to come out, the review that is!

Stephen Cross says:

Enjoyed the honest review could you please explain the location you’re shooting from. Look forward to Sony review.

Tim Blake says:

Great review Adam. I am looking at going mirrorless, but it’s such a huge expense, especially here in NZ where camera prices are so over inflated it’s not real. I will have to sell everything in my current arsenal just to buy the body and a couple of decent lenses. I currently have a canon 7dmk2, canon 70-200 f4 a 17-40 f4 a 10-18 ef-s and a nifty fifty plus all the other bits and pieces that go with it. I am waiting for the right one to come along and although the XH1 looks really impressive I might just wait to see what the Sony AIII’s have to offer before making a decision, I might still just go for a 6dmkII. Any advice you could give would be appreciated!!

Tim Day Photography says:

It’s an interesting offering the XH1, after the attempts I’ve made to vlog with other Fujifilm cameras I’ve come to the conclusion they are not a platform for self video although for b-roll I think they do well.

I for my needs I think I’ll wait on the XT3 before upgrading my XT1. Would be awesome if you could review the XT3 once it’s out.

M Sharp says:

Nice video at a stunning location.
I have the X-T1 and am contemplating upgrading it. How would you compare the RAW images out of this camera compared to your 5D? Being a crop sensor, how much of a percent difference is there?

nicspics photography says:

hi adam , really good video, would love to see you review the new pentax k1 mark 2. your reviews come across completely unbiased and fair and I think you would give it a fair go. we all know the pentax is never go to win an award for video but the k1 was labelled by another youtuber as the best landscape camera .( am only repeating what he said). anyway, would love it if you could. all the best, nick 🙂

flameout12345 says:

why is my image so soft. i don’t know why… i merged the 5 bracketed image or is it where i’m focusing?

Photografia Australis says:

Comprehensive review Adam. Well done. The new Sony mirror-less is coming but it might be worth while waiting for the release of Nikon’s first mirror-less before outlaying any cash. Greg

Ian Brown says:

Nice honest review Adam, can you tell me whereabouts you were situated when you took the image of the tree and the rock? Many Thanks Ian

James Aston says:

Nice camera, nothing wrong with the mirror less system, it will be some time before I choose to change, Sony upgrade their camera line up so quick, it becomes pretty expensive after a while, chasing the latest body, stick with what your happy with, get the most out of your camera, before making the next jump, it’s the person behind the camera that sets the picture up, not the latest camera!

Wilbury Castle says:

Great review great pictures sir …..regards Fred

Udo der Unförmige says:

I guess the Sony 7MIII won’t become your main vlogging camera as well: it’s got just a flipscreen which you can turn up to about 90 degrees and down for about 45 degrees and no turning to the left/right at all. However, for photography it is a very capable camera indeed.

Dougy Loa says:

The Fuji stuff doesn’t have Bulb, but they do have the T/Timer mode which lets you take long exposures

Keith Grafton says:

It has a B timer doesn’t it? You can use T timer for up to 60 minutes on my GFX so I would have expected that to be the same. Question – when you said it does time-lapse built in do you mean it has the normal interval timer or does it produce time lapses straight out of camera?

Randy Pollock says:

Hi Adam, another good video and was interesting to see you shooting a Fuji. I made the change to Fuji 2 years ago from Canon and have enjoyed my photography so much more…from the dials, the size and the fun that it put back in taking pictures my experience with Fuji and their awesome lens has made me so happy I went the route of fuji over the other mirrorless offerings. If your trying to decide Fuji you may want to wait until Octoberish as the X-T3 should be coming out and that might be more to your liking. I’m holding off buying the XH1 until I see what is coming out in only a few months.

Soulkreed says:

This designs special! Cannot wait to look at similar to this. Great job.

Derek Nash says:

Landscape YouTube Vlogger Gareth Danks is a Fujifilm user and an excellent photographer, has just switched from the XT2 to the XH1 and has posted a couple of Vlogs , taken some excellent shots worth a look

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