Fujifilm X100T Camera Review | Awesome Travel DSLR Replacement!

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Csaba Vartik says:

Very informative and high quality review.

spl9360 says:

Customizing the focus ring to change the ISO or filter effects as you suggested would really end up being irritating.  If you accidentally turn the ring when you’re shooting, then it will just auto focus back on the subject, but if you accidentally turned it and in turn changed your ISO then it would potentially ruin your shot

SODOM says:

Hey there, I know that you’ve not done a lot of camera reviews but I just wanted to add a few things here:

> You completely missed the point regarding the camera’s optical viewfinder, this is a camera that’s meant for subtle streetphotography (leaf shutter + RF like OVF and external control dials + low profile design), and so it is GREAT when you get to see what’s coming into your frame, therefore allowing you to anticipate your shots, something that street photographers love the Leica M series for.

> You didn’t mention the little pop up screen in the OVF which allows for fine tuning of the manual focus and previewing your focusing zone, a feature which users of the previous X100 cameras have been lusting after for some time.

> Lastly, the difficulty with framing shots with the optical viewfinder is only really apparent if you are shooting up close to a subject, something which this camera is not intended for (do not let the macro mode fool you), it has a focal length equivalent of 35mm and is appreciated best if you are about 2 meters away from your subject for minimal distortion and maximum sharpness. Again, this is street photography heaven.

All this is coming from an ex user of the original X100 and current user of an X100s and a manual focusing Sony A7. And for street photography, the X100s/t wins hands down, an amazing camera that somehow nudges you to shoot more, get on the streets more and make art.

Other than that, very good video man, keep it up, I’m looking forward to more camera related content!


AndrewTGreen says:

Nice 🙂

Dan says:

Amazing video as usual. How do you film the reviews? Also how do you do a video showing stuff bottom up, up down, left right and viceversa?? Freaking pro lol. HOW?!  :O

PhilippeZ__ says:

is the focussing ring not a mechanical thing? I mean doesn’t it directly move the lens elements without any software?

Shaka says:

Great video. Mediocre stills.

Samuel Barnes says:

How did you edit the photos?

Eddie Winchester says:

I’d get this camera for the aesthetics alone I m pathetic I know. I m sorry…….

Kevin George says:

Well done with this video review, thanks!!

DaDonFather says:

Nice point of view. Thx for this

SeanP7195 says:

What part of Canada are you from? You have a heavy accent.

Calvin Chann says:

You don’t really get this camera, do you?

Greg Shovlin says:

You went to Panama? That’s awesome. That’s where I’m from. Will you post a review of Panama?

Shay Elizalde says:

X100T, X-A2 or X-T1? Help.

Conor Burrow says:

One of the best and informative reviews I’ve seen for the X100T, going to be getting mine soon!

Bo Asker says:

what setting you used for your GH4 while shooting this video ?

Sami Oueslati Vidal says:

loved the texture on the sand at 7:32

ndgo says:

boner mode engaged

SAMSON images says:

Nice honest review. Cheers

Angels Arehere says:

bought one of these the other day… its fiddly and too smal… my DSLR’s blow it out of the water…. it certainly isn’t worth the price and to be honest i wish i hadnt bought itl

Iqwan says:

Does dmitri have any top camera videos similar to the top 8 cases video?

Adam B says:

Possibly the best review of the X100 line Ive watched so far, with well observed criticism and valuable final verdict. Theres way too much hype but also uncalled for hate surrouning the X100. How ironic it takes a tech guy and not a full-time photographer to give it a fair trial. Thanks.

Luke says:

I just bought a used X100 for $300 as a complimentary camera to my D750 ^-^ It’s a camera I’m going to have in all my bags and take places that I’d usually rely on my phone. (or not take photos at all)

The D750 is pretty small and light for a full frame DSLR but this will definitely be awesome to have. Plus, it’s cheaper than me buying a 35mm prime for my D750 and more fun than just having another lens to switch around.

matt brauninger says:

So….I should spend $1200 on a camera because of the way you “felt” hen you were capturing images in warm, sunny, beautiful Panama…instead freezing your ass off in Ontario? I think the camera had zero to do with how you felt.

Oscar Lappay says:

This review is very nicely done! Great insights and great photos taken as well. Love how you film yourself shooting and then showing the results. Glad to have discovered this channel! 🙂

Movie Newest Trailer says:

wow it’s cool to have micro usb charging. no need to carry extra battery.

Piano Easy Tutorial says:

love it

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