Fujifilm X-H1 mirrorless camera Review

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Rezkaermanda Mrezka says:

Which is nice Fujifilm or Sony please answer?

Álvaro Agraz says:

“Mediocre light sensitivity?” Mediocre review.

myles maata says:

you, sir, sometimes sound like agent phil coulson. maybe it’s just me.

Nicolas Lamborelle says:

This is not a review. Reading the press release gives more information.

Russ Atkins says:

a 1 minute 20 unskippable ad made me unsub

dpanch_89 says:

LCD? Is it not an E-ink screen? Seriously Engadget.

Michael Fong says:

First comment

Cinetrade says:

Very average review. As someone who has sold all my Canon gear and deciding between the Sony A7iii and the Fuji X-H1 I hate reviews like this that only compare the 2 on their paper specs. Fuji colour space is way better than Sony IMO and the GH5 is horrible for stills so unfair to compare the 2 for both stills / video.

Stephen Scharf says:

Just in the interest of accuracy, the X-H1 is only 5% larger in 2 of 3 dimensions, and only 10% thicker at its minimum depth. Not sure that that qualifies as “much larger”.

James Jeon says:

Sony A7iii pretty much beats this in nearly every single aspect including battery life (more than double), ISO sensitivity, autofocus, sensor (Fuji should’ve used something other than a 2 year old sensor found in their cameras half the XH-1’s price…) and buffer performance. Factor in the cost of the vertical power booster and 2 extra batteries for the XH-1 (necessary for better burst performance than A7iii) and you’ve got a camera that’s 400 dollars more expensive than the Sony.

sundar iyengar says:

Yeah… talking about Sony, it’s downright worthless camera… Never a Sony…utter waste of money…

JohnyTechReview says:

Defy Sony A7 III owns everything right now & it’s also full frame for $2k! — but remember camera is only the beginning — you got to invest into the lens system and Sony Lens price will pillage your wallet so get ready to sell your kids! Fuji on other hand has reasonable lense price and plenty of prime. IF you don’t shoot prime there’s no reason to go Fuji 😀

Gaurav Sahare says:

Arri Red camera update

Mei H. Miyamoto says:

I Stopped when this guy said “mediocre light sensitivity”. Like, really?

alliejr says:

“If you’re serious about imaging…” then you should use an APS-C or full-frame camera. The point of micro 4/3rd mirrorless is to make a smaller and more portable camera. This thing just does not make sense.

sundar iyengar says:

Crisp review

Trooper says:

You forgot some big cons. One battery only gives you 35min of 4K recording and Fat32 file system on SD card.

ro pro says:

Is it just me, or are these camera bodies getting uglier?

Patrick Bateman says:

This is a mediocre review and not sure for who this review is for.. there’s not a perfect camera and when you think about it, it comes down to the lens. Fuji makes outstanding lens at a affordable price (especially when buying used) compared to Sony.

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